Are You Game???

As you know ITC is always promoting how great the Cove is to live in.  However one of the things I think we can improve on (and this is only my opinion) is our community sporting/ active events. Sure we have the Lane Cove Fair and the Cameragyl Festival but those events are cultural/entertainment in nature.  When does Lane Cove come together for a really big sporting event?  We do have some terrific sporting teams but again they are divided down code lines.

The Lane Cove Council recently published a 43 page brochure on the Autumn Harmony Festival (March – August 2013).  Over 100 events are listed.  Only a few of those events are outdoor/fitness events.  In fact one of those events is the Bluefit swimming challenge, which is on this Saturday.  Currently there is a great programme running called Walk Around the World (and teams are encouraged).  However I am thinking of a huge one day community sporting event (held maybe every two or four years).

You may remember late last year ITC posted about the Greenwich Village Games.  How much fun did they look?  Everybody could be involved from the young to the old (in fact certain events needed age groups from young to old and male/female).  I loved seeing the participants walking around in their different coloured team T-shirts.   You did not need to be a supreme athlete to participate in the events.  Here is a list of events that were held:

• Golf

• Tennis Ball Throw

• Circle Ball

• Water Run

• Basketball Shoot Out

• Soccer Skills

• 3-Legged Relay

• Obstacle Relay

• Swim Relay

• Cycle Relay

• Running Relay

• Treasure Hunt

• Captain Ball

• Goanna Egg Throw

• Canoe Relay

• Relay Jumps

• Caber Toss

• Medley Relay

• Tug of War

This event is held every four year (to coincide with the Olympics).  Why am I raising this topic now?  Good question and thank you for asking.  A friend of mine told me about the Northbridge Games (which sounds very similar to the Greenwich Village Games).  When they mentioned the Northbridge games I again thought about a Lane Cove Sporting/Active Challenge.  Get a team together – it must represent all ages and must have a daggy but appropriate team name.

Lane Cove has the perfect venue for a community games festival – Blackman Park.  I can picture a stage and festive tents.  I can see people playing tug of war.  I can see much laughter as people participate in a three legged race.

We are an active community (there are nearly as many gyms as there are coffee shops).

Is anyone in support of this idea?  Let ITC know. If there are enough comments and support ITC will raise this with the Lane Cove Council.

Have a look at the Northbridge Games Site – // or the Greenwich Village Games Facebook page – //

Photo:  Fun at the Greenwich Games 2012 – Source //