And the Winner Is….?

And the Winner Is….?


Today I was reading in the Sydney Morning Herald that awards give small business credibility.  It is interesting to think about awards around this time of year as it is the “Awards Season”.  Also two of the most controversial awards are about to be handed out (at very different ends of the cultural spectrum).

First of all we have the ever controversial Archibald Award and the Baldy Archies (which are just a hoot).  This is always controversial because experts judge it on a panel vote.  Then we have the Logies.  The Gold Logie is by popular vote.  Over the years many recipients have thanked their mum for voting so often.  Which award has the correct procedure?

So by now your reading this blog and asking yourself, why is In the Cove raising the issue of awards.  Well In the Cove thinks we should have our own awards for businesses in Lane Cove (both bricks and mortar and online stores).

How should they be judged?  Well I have always liked the Dancing with the Stars model – a mix of popular vote and panel of experts.  I am sure that John McGrath would come to the Cove and walk around.  One of the best business brains in the business Michael Pascoe lives in the Lane Cove Council Area.

So now that I have decided the judging system what would the awards be called?… I am thinking something like the Covies.  However this is a democratic country so any suggestions would be accepted.

What should the award look like?  Should they look retro like the Logies?  Should they look like a weapon of mass destruction like the ARIA’s?  I am thinking that a model of the Lloyd Rees Bandstand should appear somewhere on the award or be the shape of the award.

Well no matter what they are called, what they look like or how they are judged, good customer service should not go unrecognised.  I know there are the North Shore Times Business Awards but it would be nice to recognize our local businesses.

Anyone agree with me?  Feel free to accept this idea or ridicule it completely.


  1. Hmmmm. Sounds like a great idea but.. How about the businesses and the people of Lane Cove Village as a whole ? All the independent shops and services are doing their damndest in a difficult micro economy, having invested all they’ve got in their own dream to excel. However much a business ‘bends over backwards’ the biggest battle is rent and outgoings. If individual concerns get singled out, then it will just make it even harder for the rest.. leading to more empty premisies and the danger of short term, pop-up discount shops.

    Surely the population quickly decides which outlets it wants to patronise, or not.

    There’s competition enough from the big centres ( Chatswood / Macquarie / Woolworths / Coles ).

    Sorry for the late night rant, but wirth throwing into the mix regardless.

    Tim Blake