Random Acts of Kindness

Did you ever see the episode of Kath and Kim when Sharon Strzelecki got upset because nobody would give her a wave when she let a car go in front of her or she moved over for them?  Well I have a confession to make – I am turning into Sharon Strzelecki (and I do look the same in a netball uniform).

I have become one of those people who get really annoyed if someone does not acknowledge road user courtesy.  Why am I getting so upset about that?  Good deeds by their very nature should be done because they are the right thing to do and not because you get acknowledgement (oops better stop looking at Page 28 of the North Shore Times this week).

I have therefore decided to calm down and turn over a new leaf.  If you do something nice that is reward unto itself.   I think what prompted me to reassess my attitude was stumbling across a website called www.wakeupsydney.com.au

Their message in a nutshell is that kindness towards ourselves, the environment and each other are the seeds of a new world.  They print random act of kindness cards. The idea is that you do something kind for a stranger and leave your card (for example buy someone a cup of coffee or a yoga pass or a book).  The cards are very cute and they even came in a 100% recyclable envelope – loved it.  So tomorrow I cannot wait to go out there and use those kindness cards.

I would just like everyone to join me tomorrow to take time in their day to smile at someone, make room for a car to merge lanes, open a door for someone, hold the lift or just wave at someone when they have stopped for you at the pedestrian crossing (don’t worry if you get a puzzled look they are probably thinking where do I know that person from).