Don’t Honk Please – We’re From Lane Cove


Have you noticed an increase in people honking their horns in Lane Cove?  ITC has*.  The worst honking places are in Longueville Road and the Rosenthal Avenue Car Park.

ITC is of the view that honking is just not the Lane Cove way.  If you want to live in a honking society then you should live in New York or Bangalore.  Both these places are well known honking cities.

In fact 30 years ago, New York introduced a $350 fine for honking and put up signs everywhere that it was an offence to honk.  This did not work and recently New York went about taking down the signs.  It appears that nothing will stop a New York cab driver from honking.

In Bangalore a honk free movement has been started by the citizens.   It started with honk free Mondays.  ITC hopes this movement is successful.

Now obviously it is sometimes necessary to honk your horn to alert a person that you are behind them or they are about to change lanes and have not seen your car.  This is a necessary safety issue.  In fact, did you know that Road Rule 244 requires horns not to be used unless it is necessary to warn other road users or animals of a vehicle’s approach or if the horn is used as part of an anti theft device.  (ITC is ashamed to admit that I may have forgotten this road rule as it is a considerable period of time since ITC took her driving test – but luckily ITC is not much of a honker!!)

So for those people who honk their horns when someone is waiting to park on Longueville Road, or in a car park, they should remember it is an offence to do so.  However even if it was not an offence, it’s not the Lane Cove way.   We know that car parks are precious and when you see one you should grab it.

Has anyone else noticed this?

*Just for the record ITC has noticed this when she has been sitting in coffee shops (a natural habitat) and only once when ITC was actually driving (just in case you thought ITC was a really really bad driver and people were honking at her all over the place)


  1. I think a lot of the honking is a reaction to dangerous or anti-social driving. Example – drivers cutting corners at speed and nearly wiping out approaching cars. Drivers speeding along narrow parked-out roads towards cars coming in the opposite direction. Drivers deliberately disobeying road rules, like giving way, and nearly causing accidents. If there was better driving around here I’m sure there would be less honking.