Colourful Local Identity – Magdalena from Magdalena Photography


ITC chose Magdalena as a colourful identity because she is like Madonna – she only needs one name.  She is an incredibly talented photographer who has just opened up a studio in Little Lane Lane Cove.

ITC asked Magdalena the following:

Why did you start Magdalena Photography?

7 years ago I’d dropped off one daughter to school then put my younger to bed for her morning sleep . . . I’d made the beds, tidied up the house, unpacked the dishwasher then started loading the washing machine when it hit me like a tonne of bricks . . . IS THIS IT!!  I’m a full time housekeeper!  When did this happen?

What happened to the career I use to have all those years ago and no didn’t want to go back to 7-7 corporate life . . . THERE’S GOT TO BE MORE!!!

That’s when I decided to pull out my old film camera reconnecting to my old PASSION.  Very soon I purchased my first professional digital camera and realized I had so much to learn about digital . . . so off to school I went learning about the world of digital photography . . .  oh and how I love it!

I have so much PASSION about my photography work and this is how Magdalena Photography was created . . . My passion is enjoyed by my wonderful clients and I look forward to capturing as many moments in people’s lives which they can treasure for many years to come! Nothing else matters!

What is the philosophy behind your business?

My clients need to feel they are part of my photography family . . . I treat them with respect, honesty and give them stunning results!

They are the best part of my business . . . meeting clients and hearing their life stories!

Why did you choose Lane Cove to set up your business?

Have lived in Lane Cove for the past 8 years and started my studio at home.  This year I opened my new studio in Little Lane . . . its better for balancing family and work life!

What is the secret behind a great photograph?

The secret to a great photograph is the emotion and story it tells.

Every photographer represents the relationship between the subject and the photographer!  Therefore as a professional photographer it is very important to get to know your subject and ensure they are at ease with you  . . . capturing true moments!

Where is the best place In the Cove to take a great shot?

My favourite location is in Longueville near the Lane Cove Sailing Club along the water’s edge.

What did you do before you became a photographer?

I worked in Commercial Finance as a State Business Development Manager before becoming a full-time mummy!

What is your vision for Lane Cove?

1. More Parking!

2. Night markets and a carousel for the kids!

3. Fairy light in trees along Longueville Road.

4. Hide all the $2 bargain shops . . . please!

5. Change the colour of the Chemist warehouse build to NOT yellow?

 What other shops would you like to see in Lane Cove?

Witchery, Cotton On, Supre, Bed Bath & Table, Wheel & Barrow, Country Road, Athletes Foot to name a few.  I’d rather not have to travel to Chatswood to buy the family’s basics. A Juice Bar would be great!?

Everyone loves a selfie – what is the tip for a great selfie?

Smile . . . no need to make love to the camera!

 Technical tip

“Hold your phone high above your head and away from you at a 45 degree angle so that you look slim and trim in your selfie. Maybe a little tilting of the face, too!”


What is the funniest thing you have been asked to photograph?

 A client asked if her husband’s car could be in the family photos . .  but can I say the photos turned out great!  I’m sure you’ve seen the old mint green chevvie driving around Lane Cove!

 I love Mr ITC Doggy and would love to have him photographed professionally – is that common or just a bit weird?

Not weird at all . . . a have a friend that specialized in animal portraits . . . pets are part a very important members of the family!  I get lots of requests for the family pet to be in the photos.

Finally, which celebrity would you like photograph?

Female – Monica Bellucci

Male – George Clooney!!


Magdalena Photography is located at Little Lane Lane Cove

Magdalena’s Contact Number is:  0438 844 009