Colourful Local Identities – Paul and Nick from Aristocrat

ITC chose Paul and Nick as colourful identities because they have been serving up coffee for years and years In the Cove.  The very first time we took out Miss ITC, as a six week old baby, we took her to Aristocrat and she cried the entire time (maybe because she could not have the food).


ITC asked Paul and Nick the following:

When did you start Aristocrat?

We purchased Aristocrat on 1 July 1995 (ITC – ooh a big anniversary is coming up in 2015).

Why did you purchase the business?

Paul had been working at the café for the previous five years and Nick was seeking a change from banking.

Where did you learn your Barista skills?

One of us learnt on the job and one of us did a course – keep you guessing on that one…

What is one of your funniest customer stories?

One day we decided to superglue a 20c piece to the pavers outside the café.  For 3 days we watched and laughed as people bent down and attempted to pick up the coin, etc until finally an elderly gent entered the café and asked for a knife.  He then proceeded to pry the coin free and pocket the 20c!!

What is your most popular meal?

Number One Best Seller – The Easy Breakfast (note ITC has had this on numerous occasions and is always very full after eating this)

Number Two Best Seller – Fish and Chips

What is your favourite coffee to make?

Rossco’s Coffee.  Your readers will need to come in and see who that is.  He is a regular, a local and a mate and a Roosters fan.

Which ingredient do you buy the most?

Eggs – Everyone must try our Eggs Benedict.

What is your most popular sitting?

Breakfast on the weekends.


How long has Aristocrat been open in Lane Cove?

Aristocrat has been in Lane Cove since the 1930’s.  We would love to receive more information, stories and photos from locals – please let us know more about the history if you can.

What is it like working together and being brothers?

It has pros and cons … let’s just leave it at that.

Your staff has been around for a long time – who is your longest standing employee?

Jimmy (our kitchen hand) has been with us since day one.  Sally (our wonderful Sunday smiling face) has been with us for 16 years.

Everyone loves a barista – how many times a day does a customer flirt with you?

Well they are only human…….

What is your vision for Lane Cove?

We would like to see more night entertainment with live music, a soft play fenced area for kids and the Lane Cove Loop Community Bus for the elderly/isolated/disabled residents be reinstated.

What other shops would you like to see in Lane Cove?

We would love some pop up shops.  This would reduce the number of vacant shops and provide some variety for people to come to the Cove

What is the biggest change you have seen in Lane Cove?

The Woolworths Market Square Complex – It has improved the town centre.

Has anyone ever proposed while they have been dining at your restaurant?

No proposals …. Yet? (ITC I am sure they could help out and hide the ring in an appropriate place (maybe not in the coffee)).

We have had a few ladies go into labour and celebrated baby showers, christenings, 40ths, 50ths etc.

Aristocrat is located at 6 – 8 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove

Aristocrat’s Contact Number is:  02 9427 1827