Local Area Spotlight – Riverview Shops (aka York’s Corner)


The Riverview Shops are ideally placed. If you are a parent they are right next to the enclosed Marjorie York Park, or you pass by them on the way to St Ignatius College. As a neighbourhood satellite shopping centre, they have everything you need – coffee, chemist, doctors, podiatrist, chiropractor, hairdresser and butcher.

Riverview shops are located on Tambourine Bay Road Riverview. The Riverview Shops are also known as York’s Corner. According to Margaret Snodgrass, Director of Forsyth Real Estate, Marjorie’s husband, Mr York was one of the earliest volunteers to enlist in World War I and was at the Landing at Gallipoli. He survived the war and decided to buy land in the bush (Riverview) to open a grocery store. Marjorie York worked in the grocery store until she was 70 years old. Margaret Snodgrass attended Marjorie’s 100th Birthday Party. Unfortunately Marjorie sadly passed away just days after the celebration. Marjorie was an integral part of the Riverview community and was a “delightful character”.

Riverview Deli

The Riverview Deli is like Cheers, it’s the place where everyone knows your name. When you walk in Tony will say hello to you by name. As the sign says – it’s the last coffee shop before St Ignatius College. However, Riverview Deli is more than a coffee shop. It really is like your old fashioned milk bar where you can get a bit of everything. There are gourmet delights, sandwiches, snacks, ice creams, bread, milk and the papers. They stock cupcakes from The Little Cupcake company and plenty of other sweet treats to tempt you. On the coffee rating index, they do a great coffee. On a really really hot day, a chocolate milk shake from Riverview Deli is the way to go.

Tony from Riverview Deli Lane Cove

last coffee riveview

Riverview Gourmet Meats

Riverview Gourmet Meat is one of the few independent butchers we have left in Lane Cove. We need to support them and our other independent butchers, Hummerstons Gourmet Meats in Lane Cove West and Springbok Delights in Lane Cove North.


Lane Cove Podiatry

Lane Cove Podiatry is where active people from Sydney’s North Shore (like you!) come to love your feet.

Whether you have little feet or growing feet; or you suffer from chronic foot pain, diabetic foot or sporting injuries requiring soft tissue management or rehabilitation, Lane Cove Podiatry loves to treat those feet. They will identify your pain, diagnose and treat your foot problems.

They also believe that being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and it can be achieved by something as simple as walking. They regularly organise walking trips around the Riverview Area. So pop on in and say hi to Stephanie and her team.

You can call the clinic on 02 9420 4673 or Email: [email protected] to book your appointment Pic-for-advert

Treatments include:
Dry needling and trigger point therapy is used for people with acute or chronic pain and as an adjunct to other forms of treatment;
Joint and soft tissue releasing/ mobilisation assists the foot to return to and retain function and reduce stress;
Taping is practiced with both rigid and kinesio e.g. Rocktape and taught to our patients to treat injuries and enhance performance;
Assistance with stretching and strengthening programs including balance techniques: is taught as a part of treatment and management to patients of all ages;
Orthotic therapy including a range of specialist off-the-shelf devices that the podiatrist can modify and adjust and customised hand-made or computer generated devices specially designed for the individual. Our range of orthoses are designed for feet of all ages, types and activities.;
Interdigital wedging, padding and cushioning including silicon, leather, felts, foams and lambswool all professionally prescribed with specific instructions or care;
Diabetic assessments involving vascular, dermatologica and neurological screening including Doppler assessment and reporting to GP and specialists by the podiatrist; and
Ingrown nail surgery including conservative and surgical assessment and management.

lane cove podiatry

NeuroBalance Chiropractic

Opened June 2016

NeuroBalance Chiro

Riverview Realty

Riverview Realty

Riverview Realty is a boutique agency results focused on achieving the maximum price, with a client engagement that is above the industry standard, we call it the “Ultimate Experience in property sales”. Our mantra is to sell your property for the highest price using our proven sales processes and the most advanced technologies.

More agent time per sale listing offering:
• Above market sales
• Top negotiators that deliver fast results
• Higher level of customer engagement
• No Vendor price conditioning
• Domain specialist in Social Media, Web, Print & Video Marketing
• Client Relationship Management Database that matches buyers and sellers to property via email alerts, SMS and direct agents activity
• Offering our clients a low risk and high return proposition with many delighted past sellers

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your property sale requirements in detail from pre-sales styling, presentation evaluation to marketing and sales appraisal. We offer a proven turnkey solution to get your property on the market faster.

59 Tambourine Bay Road, Riverview NSW 2066

9420 0083

0411 266890

Conveyancing Headquarters

Conveyancing Headquarters are an ITC Foundation Sponsor.

Buying and Selling a house is stressful. You need someone  to take your hand and guide you through the process. If you are going to use anyone, why not use the winner of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers Award for Professionalism and Best Practice 2014. Conveyancing Headquarters was established in 2004 by Ivanna Bazzano-Hymers and she knows her stuff.

conveyancing hq ivanna
Ivanna Bazzano-Hymers has been a Licensed Conveyancer for over 14 years and has extensive experience, having worked in many Law firms and Conveyancing offices across Sydney. Ivanna is fully committed to providing professional and expert advice and is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of the conveyancing process.  She understands that every transaction is different and we tailor our service to our client’s individual needs. You will always speak to the same person handling your transaction giving you piece of mind through your sale or purchase.  They are open on Saturdays for your convenience. She is conveniently located in the Riverview Shops (easier to park then in the Lane Cove Village).

Conveyancing HQ shop front

Riverview Pharmacy

Riverview Pharmacy is a compounding chemist. In January they were purchased by San J Mu. Pop in and say hi to San.

riverview pharmacy

Bliss Hair and Body

Just around the corner is Bliss Hair and Body. Kimberly and her team have been in Riverview for 17 years. If you don’t want to fight for a car park in Lane Cove, then pop on over and see Kimberly.

Bliss has just reopened their Beauty Room, and it looks incredibly peaceful and relaxing.

Bliss 1



This is what one customer said about Bliss:

I’ve been going to Bliss for about 6 years now and cannot speak highly enough about this very friendly and relaxing Salon. Kimberly has an uncanny knack of only employing truly lovely girls – I think I’ve had my hair cut by them all over the years – and they all do a fantastic job.


There are a few other businesses that are not located in the Riverview Shops but form part of the Riverview business hub.

Cosmetic Culture

Cosmetic Culture is located on the Corner of River Road West and Tambourine Bay Road. Dr Tim Papadopoulos is a specialist Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon and the current President of the Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), one of the world’s leading and most respected professional bodies in cosmetic surgery.



Dr Sabrina Saldanha Family Medical Practice



Neurohealth Chiropractic Centre 


Neurohealth Chiropractic Centre provides gentle and effective chiropractic care to optimise your structure, health and well-being.

Holistic therapy that combines chiropractic care with nutrition, rehabilitation and prevention. Chiropractic care for the whole family, with a strong paediatric focus.

Serving and educating the local Lane Cove community to work towards improved and sustained health.

Treatment approach that is tailored to your individual needs. Neurologically based assessment and treatment protocols. Functional chiropractic neurology.

There is a wide spectrum of health issues that chiropractic care can help with. At Neurohealth Chiropractic, the thorough assessment process and individually tailored treatment protocols can provide relief for many varying ailments and health concerns.