Foodie Tuesday – Hummerston’s are Getting Pork on Your Fork

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The boys at Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats have a real following. If you are time poor, they have some brilliant easy to cook meals. This butcher shop is so popular, that the last time the Pope was in Sydney they supplied all the meat!

Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats – Getting Pork on Your Fork

You’re busy. You don’t have much time to spend preparing meals. When you get home from work you want a quick and tasty meal. Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats is here to help you with their range of Pork products including their juicy tender pork steaks. You can whip up a tender pork steak in just 10 minutes by following the simple 6-2-2 method.

  1. Pre heat a pan, BBQ plate, griddle pan like you would for any steak
  2. Place a 2cm pork steak on the preheated cooking surface and cook WITHOUT turning for six minutes
  3. Turn once and cook for a further 2 minutes. This will ensure you cook the steak till it is just white (if you like your pork a bit pink just reduce the cooking time)
  4. Take the steak out of the pan without flipping it over and let it rest for two minutes. This is a critical step to ensure tenderness.

So to recap:  6 minutes on one side, 2 minutes on the other and 2 minutes to rest = 10 minutes pork steak

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Here are two recipes you might like to try:

Pork Steak with Herb Butter and French Fries

Creamy Mushroom and Port Loin Steak

Mr ITC highly recommends the Hummerston’s Asian Sesame Pork Medallions. He whacks them on the BBQ and in 10 minutes they are done!!!

The Hummerston’s boys know what they are talking about. Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats has been operating since 1970 as a fine meat and small-goods establishment for over 40 years. If Pork is not your meat of choice, don’t worry they have a huge range of other meats and small-goods for you to choose from. They also have a number of prepared meals, that you can just pop in the oven (they will even give you a disposable baking tray – Mr ITC likes this as it means no washing up).

Hummerston’s has a dedicated full-time staff of nine, with Mark McKinnon and Steve Hack at the helm, who are both long-serving members of Hummerston’s Gourmet Meat, having been at the premises since 1999 and 1996 respectively.

Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats is a leader in their field, providing customers with outstanding quality of meats and small-goods in a modern, consumer-friendly butcher shop with highly professional staff. Why not pop in and say hi to them?!

Hummerston’s Gourmet Meats are located at the Lane Cove West Shops

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