Lane Cove Week in Review – 23rd to 29th of May 2016

This week was very very busy in Lane Cove. Some big announcements and some new infrastructure in Lane Cove. We also had reports of appalling behaviour with innocent bystanders being randomly “egged” in Lane Cove.

Access to Lane Cove Aquatic Centre

A new pedestrian bridge is being installed to allow access between the Little Street Car Park (read about this car park here) and the Lane Cove Aquatic Centre.

lane cove bridge

Lane Cove Club

Lane Cove Club

Lane Cove Club will possibly amalgamate with The Norths Group (including the Greens North Sydney). This week, members of both clubs, were sent out a notice of a special meeting to vote on amalgamating the clubs.

If you have been to the Greens you will know the food is pretty good club/pub food. This will really revitalise the Longueville Road/Epping Road end of town. There will be two places down the end of Longueville Road that will be offering great pub/club meals the revamped Lane Cove Club and Longueville Hotel. It will also be another place in Lane Cove for seminars/conferences etc.

Public Transport

In the Cove received a letter from Anthony Roberts’ office attaching a letter from the Minister for Transport Hon Andrew Constance MP (he referred to the numerous letters ITC had written to him!!!!!). Mr Constance advised:

“I am pleased to advise that following the recent visit by staff from my office and Transport for NSW options to improve services between the Lane Cove area and the CBD and North Sydeny are being considered”

New Bus Route

At last, a “new” bus route was announced for residents of Lane Cove North. A new service which will travel along Mowbray Road and go through the Lane Cove Interchange will start on 6th June 2016. This is fabulous for Lane Cove North, but will not mean extra buses through the Lane Cove interchange. They have just rerouted and renamed the route. See more here.

Rally Against Amalgamation

A rally against Lane Cove Council amalgamating with Ryde Council and Hunters Hill Council took place in the Plaza on Friday. Several speakers called for Anthony Roberts to resign. A few speakers referred to 2013 correspondence from Anthony Roberts wherein he advised there would be no forced amalgamations only voluntary amalgamations.


The Liberal Party must be worried about North Sydney. They pulled out the big guns this week with Foreign Minister Julie Bishop visiting the plaza. She went into several stores including Zjoosh.

Happy Anniversary

Speaking of Zjoosh, this week they celebrated four years in Lane Cove. Happy Birthday to Zjoosh Lane Cove – It really is an amazing Lane Cove Story. Kellie and Wayne Rigney had a dream and they have now more stores, a bigger product range, amazing loyal customers and they employ Lane Cove locals. They are also ITC foundation sponsors and we would not be able to keep up to date on all things Lane Cove and to do our community work without their sponsorship. Each time we hold a fundraising event or an event they give us amazing support. Read about Kellie Rigney – the accesssories queen here.


In the Cove IntheCoveITC Twitter

Congratulations to Soulful Fitness who celebrated their first year anniversary with an open day and a party.

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For Lease

After years of clearance sales, there might be a huge clearance sale at Claphams. This Lane Cove icon (our cover photo) on Burns Bay Road is for lease.  What do you think will go in there?

Boom Gate

The Boom Gate has been reactivated at the Lane Cove Market Square Car Park. As soon as it was reinstated there were issues. One of our Facebook Followers pointed out that people are stopping too far away from the boomgate and they need to get closer for it to open. This may be the case, however, today ITC witnessed two people in the carpark struggling to exit. They had been redirected from the exit point and told to pay. The drivers involved wanted to pay cash at the machine on P2. They were told that the cash machine is not working and to go around again to the boomgate. One driver was shocked that she was over the three-hour time limit (you only have to be a minute late or held up reversing out of your spot and you get charged). She did not want to put $6.00 dollars on her credit card, the other driver did not own a credit card. Why would you reactivate the boomgate when all of the constituents parts are not working?

Police Activity and Crime Report

Egging in Lane Cove

A roving reporter advised that around 10pm last night and a friend were standing on the corner of Burns Bay and Tambourine Bay Roads, when a group of young boys in a black car drove past and hurled an egg at her friend. It was hurled hard enough to cause bad bruising on her arm and a great deal of emotional distress for her. They sped off laughing. It happened too quickly for the reporter to take down any details. ITC posted about this on Facebook today. Just a couple of hours after posting, another person was egged near Sera Street.  

Lane Cove Traffic Blitz

The State Highway Patrol were patrolling River Road on Saturday morning. They pulled over numerous drivers for speeding.

Brawl at Lane Cove West

Tempers were frayed Saturday morning in Lane Cove West. The police were called to calm down two motorists who had a fight over a car parking space.

Linley Point

The North Shore Local Area Command issued the following statement this week in relation to Linley Point.

“It was tabled at the Lane Cove Council Traffic Committee meeting that local residents of Linley Point were having an issue of parking on the western side of View Street in the unrestricted parking area as well as vehicles conducting “U’ turns around the centre median strip.

On the 27/04/2016, the 10/05/2016 and the 17/05/2016, 3 traffic operations were conducted. Police attended the location a number of times and sat off the area watching vehicles come and go. During the patrols at no time were all of the unrestricted parking spaces being utilised and there was sufficient space to accommodate more cars if needed.

In relation to the conducting of ‘U’ turns, while Police witnessed a number of vehicles making the turn, at no stage did it affect traffic flow or cause any collision or near collision with the majority of vehicles either waiting and giving way to oncoming vehicles or driving further up the road and conduct the turn at another area.
Police and LCC Rangers will continue to monitor the area to address residents concerns.”


Police are issuing more infringement notices to cyclists. The number one reason for being issued with an infringement notice is failure, to wear or properly wear a helmet. You can read more here.

Break In Waterview Drive, Lane Cove

There was a break and enter between 6:30pm on Wednesday 18th May and 9:00pm on Thursday 19th May at
Waterview Drive Lane Cove. Just a reminder if you are moving into a new home, it’s a good idea to change the locks. Alert Locksmiths is your local locksmith.

Events to Put in Your Dairy

Associate Professor Paul Cozzi is an internationally renowned Urologist and he will be presenting a free seminar during Men’s Health Week. It is important that men have annual check ups and for certain men a blood test is necessary. Join ITC for nibbles and a drink (all manly food) and learn facts that could save your life or your partner’s life.  BOOK HERE
ITC Men's Secret business

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