7 Non Chocolate Easter Gifts

Easter is a chocolate lover’s delight.  However, not all of us can eat chocolate or should eat chocolate.  We have some brilliant Non-Chocolate Easter Gift Ideas that you will love!!!

Whimsical and Cute Easter Bunnies from Zjoosh

non chocolate easter

These stunning beautiful linen bunnies with a gorgeous soft tulle tutu and long floppy ears will delight any child. These bunnies will add a touch of whimsy to any room.

Tumeric Tea from The Source Bulk Foods Lane Cove

Sarah Wilson from I Quit Sugar is a big Tumeric Tea fan. Although Tumeric has been used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for a long time, the western world is now embracing Tumeric as one of it superfoods.  It also looks pretty in the glass jar.

Non chocolate easter 1

Nougat from The Source Bulk Foods Lane Cove

This nougat will melt in your mouth.  The good thing about buying it from The Source Bulk Foods is you can buy as much or as little as you like!!!!

non chocolate easter 3

A Treatment from The Beautician

Summer has finished and our skin might need some love and rejuvenation.  Professional Lactic Acid Peels are a wonderful way to renew, regenerate and hydrate your skin through the cooler months. They also target fine lines and help smooth the skin by penetrating deep into the cells to exfoliate and promote new growth. Learn more here: http://thebeautician.net.au/sothys-lactic-acid-peels/ 

2016 Beautician Instagram 800x800 (16)

About Life Cookbook – A Whole New Way To Eat

About Life has just celebrated its One year anniversary in Lane Cove. They also recently released an About Life cookbook called A Whole New Way To Eat. Nutritionist and recipe developer and Wellness Ambassador, Vladia Cobrdova, recreated over 135 of the mouth-watering dishes she made popular in their stores’ busy cafes, takeaway and ready-made meal sections.


Gift Card from Massage Envy

Who does not like a massage?  Purchase a gift card from Massage Envy Lane Cove for Easter and the recipient will thank you!!!

non chocolate easter

Lane Cove, Greenwich or Hunters Hill Tea Towels at Burns Bay Bookery

The ultimate non-chocolate gift!.  A gift that can be framed or used.  A brilliant idea to give to anyone visiting Lane Cove, Greenwich or Hunters Hill this Easter.  The tea towels are available at Burns Bay Bookery or online at www.stylie.com.au.

lane cove tea towels

Easter Eggs from Emporio Organico

These eggs may not be chocolate free, but if you are shopping for someone who has some form of food intolerance, these easter eggs might be the ticket.  They are:

? Organic
? Gluten free
? Dairy free
? Preservative free
? Additive free
? Soy lecithin free

The eggs come in cute cartons containing four chocolate eggs in either milk, dark or white chocolate from Lixie Chocolaterie.  Emporio Organico is situated in West Street Crows Nest and is run by Kitsa whose beautiful mum lives in Lane Cove.

easter eggss

Have a great Easter and drive carefully.


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