That Second Fridge is Costing You Money!!!!


Do you have a spare fridge sitting in the garage or at the back of the house?  That beer fridge might be a good idea around Christmas, but it is also costing you money.  Did you know the average fridge costs about $300 a year to run?  Get rid of that second fridge and use the money you save by to heat your home this winter. Old fridges are big energy users, consuming up to three times the energy of new fridges.

How do you get rid of your second fridge and make money?

Fridge Buyback provides residents with free collection by professional removalists and a $25 rebate if the removal of the fridge involves 6 steps or less.  The fridge is collected for free if there are between 7 or 20 steps but no rebate is available.  A fee will apply only if the property has more than 20 steps.

Fridge Buyback is the only service of its kind in Australia.  It is supported by Lane Cove Council and the NSW Energy Savings Scheme.

Fridge Buyback provides regular collection runs every 2-3 weeks. Ring 1800 708 401 to book or

“We hear from a lot of residents who are looking for ways to cut their power bills,” said Mr Rene Hendriksen, Program Manager of Fridge Buyback. “In fact, reducing their power bill and the convenience of free collection are the main reasons that customers call to have their fridge or upright freezer collected.”

The popular Fridge Buyback program provides free collection for residents who unplug and recycle their energy-guzzling second fridge or upright freezer. To participate, fridges or upright freezers must be a working second appliance that has been in regular use and is 200 litres or more in size.

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Why does the Government want to Buy Back My Fridge?

To date, Fridge Buyback has collected 534 fridges from Lane Cove Council area. It’s estimated that there are still over 2500 second fridges in the Lane Cove area. On average, each costs $300 year to run and produces 1 tonne of carbon pollution, so there are substantial personal and environmental benefits from switching off and recycling your spare fridge it you don’t really need it.

So what are you waiting for?? Unplug that second fridge and contact Fridge Buyback today.