Jack & Co’s 20 Cent Tuesday – Raising Funds for Local Charities


Have you heard of Jack & Co?  Jack & Co is a convenience store located at Northwood (River Road). They sell petrol and pride themselves on their food and coffee. The philosophy behind Jack & Co was they got tired of going into convenience stores and getting crap food and even worse service. The guys behind Jack & Co wanted fresh food that was quick and easy. They wanted freshly ground coffee, expertly made by baristas. Proper coffee. Not servo coffee! They wanted a freshly squeezed juice that was actually just that… fresh fruit squeezed into juice. And more than anything, they just wanted a warm, welcoming smile at the same time.  They also wanted to give back to their Jack  & Co.mmunity.


Jack & Co has four stores (the newest one being the store at Northwood). To date, Jack & Co has donated more than $25,000 through their 20c Tuesday initiative!

What is the 20c Tuesday initiative?

  • Every Tuesday, 20c from every coffee is donated to a worthy charity, school, community group, sporting group or other fundraising idea.
  • In each store, there is a 20c Tuesday display unit, which displays  the current recipients.
  • Each quarter, three charities/groups are invited to participate in their 20c Tuesday Initiative. The display unit has 3 sections, one for each of the recipients.
  • Every time someone purchases a coffee on a Tuesday, they are given a token (worth 20c). They choose which recipient they would like to donate to and then place the token into the section of the display unit corresponding to their chosen recipient.
  • At the end of the quarter, Jack & Co tally up the tokens and the total donation is allocated proportionately (ie: the more tokens, the higher the donation the charity group will receive).

This quarter the three charity groups are as follows:

1. Tv screen - TAMBOURINE BAY SCOUTS 3. Tv screen - Lane Cove Theatre 2. Tv screen - Rotary


Jack & Co would love to hear from more local charities – so if you are raising money please apply.

Well done to Jack & Co for supporting these charities. So on Tuesdays, pop over and have a cuppa and help raise funds for these 3 worthwhile causes. If you are associated with a charity and would like to become involved in 20c Tuesday – just fill out the form on the Jack & Co website.

6. Tv screen - 20cT join us

By the way Jack & Co have told us they are not resting on their laurels. Every day they are striving to be better than yesterday. Their menus are constantly evolving. Their baristas continue to refine their skills for an excellent coffee every time. They’re always looking for great staff with that little ‘something’.

Thank you to Jack & Co for sponsoring In the Cove and being one of our gold sponsors.  Without the support of our sponsors, we would not be able to bring you all the latest news and views from Lane Cove.

Contact Details
Jack & Co Northwood
7-9 Northwood Rd, Northwood
Hours: 7 Days: 6am – 10pm
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 9418 6019


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