NSW Fire and Emergency Services Property Levy How Much Will it Cost Lane Cove Homeowners?


The NSW State Government has introduced a new  Fire and Emergency Services Property Levy.  This levy is a state government levy, however from 1st July you will be paying this via your council rates payment.  Lane Cove Council is only collecting the fee on behalf of the State Government.  The levy can be paid annually or quarterly. So be prepared to pay more when your rates notices arrives

What is the Fire and Emergency Service Property Levy?

The  Fire and Emergency Services Property Levy is used to fund essential emergency services providers such as NSW Fire and Rescue, the Rural Fire Service, and the SES.  Currently, these services are partially funded by a levy on your insurance premiums.  The NSW State Government believes the current system is unfair if you do not insure your home you do not contribute towards the levy and the funding of emergency services.   That is a good point.

The Fire and Emergency Service Property Levy will be levied on all property owners (business, residential and strata units).  The NSW Government has calculated that homeowners will be better off financially and more people will insure their properties.  Only time will tell if this is correct!!


How will the New Levy Impact Lane Cove Residents?

Here is the catch: and it will impact Lane Cove property owners.  The levy will be based on the Valuer General’s Unimproved Land Value of your property.  Lane Cove residents would recently have received a notice from the Valuer General advising them of the unimproved value of their land.  The ITC family was stunned at the huge increase from the last Valuer General’s valuation.  You can object to the valuation, but unless you have several properties and need to worry about paying Land Tax, most people do not even give the Valuer General’s valuation advice a second glance.  If we’d had known that a new levy was to be introduced and calculated on the VG’s valuation we might have given more thought to the valuation.

According to the NSW Fire Brigade Employee’ s Union:

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet says this levy is currently costing the average fully-insured household $233 per year, which will no longer be paid under his new FESL. So insurance will become cheaper. The Treasurer also claims that the average fully-insured residential property owner will save $47 per year (the remaining $186 being the cost of the new FESL).The problem is that the Government’s FESL will be based on unimproved land values set by the Valuer-General and the $47 saving is based, by our reckoning, on an unimproved residential land value of about $330,000.To put that into context, the Valuer-General’s average unimproved residential land value across NSW is $572,000, and in Sydney, it is $902,000.


fire levy

source: FESL NSW

You can now calculate how much you will be paying by using the FESL calculator here.

You might also like to read the Homeowners FAQ’s here.


Have you heard about the Fire and Emergency Service Levy?  Do you pay much notice to your home’s Valuer General Valuation?


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