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In June each year, Men’s Health Week encourages men to make their health a priority. With the incidence of male cancers rising, in line with an ageing population, ITC interviewed Lane Cove resident and  World renowned urologist, Associate Professor Dr Paul Cozzi.

At the forefront of diagnosis and treatment of male cancers and related diseases, Dr Cozzi studied for more than a decade in order to specialise in Urology, including a two-year posting at a New York hospital oncology department.

“For me, as a hospital intern then resident, I observed that the specialty of urology was the most innovative, the most forward-thinking and the most ambitious at developing minimally invasive surgical solutions for possibly the most delicate and vulnerable organs in the human body. The risk of permanent impairment with surgical interventions made it critical to develop technologies which optimised patient outcomes.”

A long time resident of Lane Cove, Dr Cozzi has practices throughout Sydney, including the Mater at St Leonards which houses the only DaVinci Xi Robotic in NSW. Instrumental in fundraising for this equipment, Dr Cozzi is one of few fully qualified specialists experienced with this technology which currently provides the World’s best outcomes for male cancers and urinary issues.

paul robotics

“What makes this technology even more exciting is its multidisciplinary use across a multitude of conditions beyond those strictly related to male cancers and dysfunctions.”

Dr Cozzi is relentless in his pursuit of contributing to the development and acquisition of new technologies used to diagnose and treat male cancers and related diseases. The key element in this equation, however, comes down to the patient.

“When it comes to men’s health, men need to get past the embarrassment and get checked, at least annually. Men need to get over themselves!” Dr Cozzi says “No matter how advanced and effective the technologies and treatments available, no matter how accomplished and experienced the medical professional, if you don’t get checked, if you aren’t diagnosed early enough, the outcomes will range from less quality of life to no life at all.”

Last year ITC and Dr Cozzi held a talk on the importance of early detection,  Dr  Cozzi told participants that it is so important to have regular GP check-ups.  It is as simple as a blood test and physical examination. Particularly for men in the higher risk group – over 50 years of age or have a family history of male cancers.

You might see Dr Cozzi enjoying the wonders Lane Cove has to offer. “When I’m not at work, I like to keep fit with running and kayaking. Boating is a part-time passion of mine. Lane Cove has so much to offer with its beautiful waterways, access to great schools and proximity to World class medical facilities. My family and I love living in Lane Cove.”


A Prof Paul Cozzi A Prof Paul Cozzi


So please if you know someone in the higher risk group or a male over 50 make sure they book in for an annual check up with their local GP.  This appointment could save their life.


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