Lane Cove 5 Reasons to Buy Local

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Buying Local does not mean you can’t shop outside Lane Cove. It means where you can make the choice to shop local and support locally owned businesses which use local resources, employ locals and primarily service local customers.

Buying Local Fosters Uniqueness

You can walk into any big shopping centre in Australia and see the same stores, but in Lane Cove if you buy local you can foster and preserve one of a kind businesses with a distinctive character. Lane Cove people place a high value on uniqueness and individuality. We have seen big chains come into Lane Cove and fail (how many suburbs can lay claim to the fact that McDonalds shut down in their suburb). It does not mean that we don’t like franchised stores. We have some fabulous franchised stores in Lane Cove, for example, Oliver Brown, Chargrill Charlies, and The Source Bulk Foods Lane Cove – they are part of a big group but they are all owned by the people who work in the business and love being in Lane Cove.

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Support Your Local Community

Locally owned businesses support local groups. If you go to any local school fundraiser you will see that the majority of the prizes are donated by small local businesses. ITC speaks to local businesses every day and they have told me that they are always happy to donate prizes when a customer asks, but if a stranger who has never shopped with them, walks in off the street and asks for a donation, they are less likely to donate. They want to help the people who buy from them.

Local Decision Making

A local store can easily source different and varied products, they do not have a buyer who sits in an office and does not interact with the customer.

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Local Owners Expertise and Knowledge

Local businesses have a greater interest in finding out about their customers. The owners are your neighbours and their kids go to the local school.

Competition and Diversity

A local community with many small businesses is an ideal way to ensure innovation and competition. People vote with their wallets. That is not to say that Lane Cove does not have a large number of cafes and hair dressers. However, most of them are unique and are not part of a chain.

So next time you could buy something locally or at a big shopping mall, make the choice to shop local and help out your neighbours and your community. These people might be the people who give your kid a job on the weekend.

What is your favourite local store?


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