10 Brunch Places to Eat This Weekend in Lane Cove

ITC’s favourite meal of the day is brunch (you may have noticed that). As we approach the end of the year and we catch up with family and friends, In the Cove thought it would be great to give you some brunch ideas. You may be surprised to learn that not all the good brunch places are in the Lane Cove Village. Here is our list of 10 brunch places to eat this weekend in and around Lane Cove.

Mowbray Eatery

Mowbray Eatery is situated just off Mowbray Road. It has indoor and outdoor seating and a gated play area. What can we say – their breakfast dishes are good! You can read our review of Mowbray Eatery here.

Contact Details
Address: 1 Felton Avenue, Lane Cove North NSW 2066 (turn into Felton Ave from Mowbray Road). Street Parking.
Phone: 02 9427 8083
FacebookMowbray Eatery
InstagramMowbray Eatery
ITC Business Community Supporter:  Mowbray Eatery

Fink Cafe

Fink Cafe is located in the Lane Cove West shops. They have just launched a brand new breakfast/brunch menu and it looks great. They have all their old favourites and some new dishes you will enjoy. You can always follow up a healthy brunch with one of their signature hot chocolates.

Contact Details
 Shop 3, 225 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
 (02) 9420 8240
 Fink Cafe
 Fink Cafe
ITC Business Community Supporter: Fink Cafe

Cafe Geo

Cafe Geo is located in Lane Cove North. They are a cafe by day and a pizza and pasta restaurant at night. They have changed chefs since ITC wrote our review, however this has not seemed to change the standard of the food (or the huge serving sizes). Well worth a visit to Lane Cove North to discover Cafe Geo.
Contact Details
Address: 703 Mowbray Road, Lane Cove North NSW 2066 (located behind The Mowbray Road Cellars). Parking at the back.
Phone: 02 9418 7711
FacebookCafe Geo
InstagramCafe Geo
ITC Business Community Supporter: Cafe Geo

Bella Bacio

Let’s stay with another Lane Cove North cafe – Bella Bacio. Bella Bacio is located on Centennial Avenue. They have a huge outdoor seating area. You can read ITC’s review of Bella Bacio here. Their servings are very generous. The pancakes melt in your mouth.
Contact Details

AddressShop 1, 7-13 Centennial Avenue, Lane Cove North NSW 2066
Phone(02) 9420 8088
InstagramBella Bacio Cafe
Facebook:  Bella Bacio Cafe
ITC Business Community Supporter: Bella Bacio

La Provence Espresso Bar

This is the new kid on the block in terms of offering brunch. Since re-opening, after their extensive renovations, La Provence has been expanding and curating their menu. The Eggs Benedict on a croissant is indulgence plus.
Contact Details
50 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
9418 9364
La Provence
La Provence
ITC Business Community Supporter: La Provence

NiBu Cafe

NiBu Cafe probably has one of the largest outdoor eating areas in Lane Cove. They are located in the Village Shopping Mall (the mall across from Coles). The NiBu scrambled eggs are a must (so creamy). If you really need a pick me up (possibly after a big night) the Breakfast Burger is one to try – who does not like a hash brown in their burger?!!?
Contact Details
Village Shopping Centre, 43-45 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
(02) 9418 3222
NiBu Cafe
NiBu Cafe
ITC Business Community Supporter:  Nibu

Anvil Cafe and Grocer

Anvil Cafe and Grocer is situated in Crows Nest (but don’t worry there is a Lane Cove connection – it is part owned by a Lane Cove resident). The ITC family loved their brunch at Anvil and you can read our review here.  It is a seasonal food done simply and packed with taste.

Contact Details
Address: 1/54 Alexander Street Crows Nest
Website: Anvil Cafe & Grocer
ITC Business Community Supporter:  Anvil

The Junction Coffe Co

The Junction Coffe Co is located right in the middle of Lane Cove. They are the brunch specialists.  The Junction Coffee Co used to be called Pablo and Rustys.  They still serve Pable and Rusty coffee but they rebranded to the Junction.  Treat yourself to a brunch here and you won’t regret it.


Contact Details

 Shop 13 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
9418 8005
  Junction Coffee Co
ITC Business Community Supporter:  Junction Coffee Co

Ground Caffe

Ground Caffe is under new management and has a new chef. They have recently introduced a new menu and new breakfast items. ITC has not had a chance to review Ground Caffe yet, but we will soon. Ground Caffe is located in Lane Cove Market Square. It is located next to the Lane Cove Library.

Contact Details

 Shop 14/24-28 Burns Bay Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
 9420 0410

Birdwood Cafe

Birdwood Cafe is tucked away in Birdwood Avenue. Birdwood, in a very short time, has become very very popular for brunchers!!!! It puts the “smash” into smashed avo.
Contact Details
Address:  24 Birdwood Avenue, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Website: Birdwood
Phone: 8095 0400
Facebook:  BirdwoodCafe
Instagram:  BirdwoodCafeSydney

Which one of the above is your favourite place for brunch? If you recommend any of the above please leave a review on our business directory page. We hope you like our 10 brunch places to eat in Lane Cove this weekend.

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