Lane Cove 2018 Food Drive for the House of Welcome

St Michael’s Parish Lane Cove and the local community are holding a food drive for the House of Welcome. The Food Drive has commenced and will continue until 21 May 2018.

What is the House of Welcome?

There are over 24,000 people, seeking asylum, living in Australia who face homelessness, isolation, and hunger
The House of Welcome (HoW) is committed to assisting refugees and people seeking asylum without discrimination on the basis of age, gender, race, sexuality and religion. HoW recognises that this group of people, displaced from their homes and homelands through war, conflict or persecution arrive in Australia suffering from trauma and loss; they are in need of help and accompaniment, especially those who have been further traumatised by lengthy periods in Immigration Detention and the difficulties of settlement.   

Clients come to the House of Welcome through word of mouth and by referral from other organisations. The HoW ensures they get a welcome, and that they understand their rights and get a fair opportunity to realise their human rights. The HoW often supports those most in need, those who are not eligible for any housing, financial or medical support, those at greatest risk of destitution and hardship. The HoW also supports the settlement and empowerment of its clients so that they can join the local community with a sense of pride and dignity.

HoW has a casework team who support their clients with medical and legal referrals and a housing coordinator who looks after all HoW properties for transitional housing in Western Sydney.  HoW is driven by its volunteers who provide a welcoming reception, English classes, job support, orientation and accompaniment to appointments, gardening and home maintenance, social activities and much, much more.

Why Does HoW have a Food Bank?

Access to a food bank, stocked entirely through donations, is one of the services the House of Welcome provides to their clients.  The opportunity for those in need to choose their own food from the food bank restores some dignity to people living in desperate circumstances and reassures them that there are people in Australia who care about them.

How Does the Food Drive Work?

A collection bin for donated items will be at Woolworths Lane Cove (near the self service) and in Coles (near the papers/flowers) until 21 May 2088 (near Customer Service). Members of the public are invited to show their support by donating culturally appropriate items from a list provided by the House of Welcome (see below).

St Michael’s Parish Lane Cove and the local community are helping to restock the almost-empty foodbank.



A food drive has been held for the last couple of years and our Lane Cove Community has been so generous.  Just check out the before and after photos below. Thank you to the local volunteers who collected the food, sorted the food and then stacked the cupboards.

house of welcome


house of welcome


List of Required Donations Items

If you’d like to help, perhaps save the list to your phone and add a few items to the donation bin from your next shop.


For more information about House of Welcome, visit their Website.

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