Run Lane Cove Run

Do you love running?  We have tips for all Lane Cove Runners.

Hill Running

Do you like a challenge?  Our local running expert Andy Smith has put together a list of top hill runs in Lane Cove.  Find out all about some great hill runs here.

Bush Trail Running

Do you want to run along some of Lane Cove’s beautiful bush runs.  Andy Smith has put together a list of bush trail runs here.

Group Running

If you want to run with a group and also look at improving your personal best time, then joining Park Run might be the solution for you. It’s a free, timed 5km, volunteer-led event that you can walk, jog, or run. People now plan their holidays around parkrun locations! Register once, print out your barcode, and that works at any parkrun around the world.  The closest parkrun to Lane Cove is the Willoughby parkrun and quite a few Lane Cove residents go every Saturday morning.  You can find out more here.


Lane Cove Runners

There is a Lane Cove Running Group on Facebook and you can join the group here.

Lane Cove Fun Run

The annual Lane Cove Fun Run is run every year in September.  It is a great day for the serious runner and the not so serious runner.  You can find out more here.  Our cover photo shows last year’s fun run.

lane cove community fun run

Tips For Preparing for a Fun Run

It can be easy to get injured if you are not prepared.  Lane Cove Physiotherapy has put together some tips to help you prepare for a fun run here.  If you do suffer an injury, the Sports Injury Clinic at Lane Cove Physiotherapy is held every Monday night, further info here.

Lane cove physio exterior

So run Lane Cove run.

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