Halloween in Lane Cove – It’s very controversial


Halloween in Lane Cove

Around the last two weeks of October people start discussing Halloween.  On In the Cove, this is an issue that divides our Facebook Fans.  Some people love it, and others are not that fond of it (well dislike it intensely)

In fact, one year one of our fans posted a question asking people where was the best place to Trick or Treat in Lane Cove.  This question really sparked a frenzy and we had Halloweengate on our hands.  Some people said they love seeing kids trick or treat and don’t mind if they live in the street or not.  Others objected to cars of people being dropped off in the popular streets and having over 150 kids knock on their door (which I have to say would not be fun).

Having lived in an apartment for some time and not having a street, as such, to knock on doors, I totally understand that you really do need to find somewhere to trick or treat.  My suggestion is that if you do drop into another street have some lollies on hand. You can give these to the residents to thank them for their generosity.

Some streets have some people who go all out and one of them is Hannah in Kimberley Ave.

Two years ago ITC filled up her lolly bowl and waited with anticipation for cute kids to knock on our door – we only had three sets of kids!!  I was really disappointed.  I love meeting neighbours (for that matter anyone in Lane Cove).  Last year we had some good traffic.  However I was not that keen on one group of teenagers who took 3 or 4 bars of chocolate at a time.

So how do you tell people you would like them to knock on your door?  We have been advised that the normal procedure is to put out a sign or decorate your house.  When the loot has run out take down the sign.  That is a great idea, but if you have no time for decorations , then …just print out our poster and put it on your fence/mail box.    This will help people know you are ready and waiting for them.



Download here:  halloween

Apparently, (you may already know this) if a house has a blue pumpkin or blue balloon outside, it indicates that trick or treating kids with allergies are welcome, as non-food treats are available.  One of our Facebook Fans said they will be putting out a blue balloon on their house, it is located towards the bottom end on Tambourine Bay Road.

You may also get so many people knocking that you run out of treats.  Shut the gate and put this sign on your gate.  This does happen if you are in the busy streets.


halloween lane cove

You can download this sign her sorry we are out of treats

Halloween is also a time when too many sugary/sweet treats ends up in your house.  Apple Dental has a few tips to help minimise this sugar overload (including a monetary incentive) read about it here.

Another thing you may not know, is that Halloween is a time when the emergency rooms are put under pressure with accidents.  Watch this Video for some tips about being safe this Halloween (yes it is a US video but it still has some good points).




Do you like the Halloween tradition?  Does your street welcome people from all over the area?


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  1. The fireworks part of the Lane Cove West PS Halloween event was never the main part of the event for me. Indeed many people left before them. I am not really sure why they cannot just have a great dress up; sideshow alley; pumpkin carving competition; and haunted disco in the hall with foods stalls and some rides (or not). It actually seems more like this has also been a victim of its own success and the crowds really are greater than the playground/oval can simply safely hold and it becomes an issue of how to turn people away. Very sad.

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