Experiencing Damp, Mould, Musty Smells or Condensation? Sub Floor Ventilation Could be your Solution

Do you have mould, condensation issues and/or a musty smelling home (or just in certain rooms)??

If you answered yes, you more than likely have damp sub floor issues in your home. Do not worry, a HUGE percentage of houses in Sydney do! But there is a solution …. and it’s a permanent solution!

Forget band aid solutions like dehumidifiers that only mask the problem. Local specialists Xchange Air can get to the source of the problem to stop it returning.

What is Subfloor Ventilation?

Sub floor = the foundation for a floor in a building.

  • Do you know what your sub floor looks like?
  • Have you ever gone under your house and had a look around?
  • Do you know if there is water that travels through the underneath of your property?
  • Are the foundations of your property dry and clear of things that could trap moisture?
  • Does your property back onto a hill or rockface?

A subfloor ventilation system extracts damp air from your home which intern allows dry fresh air to enter the areas under your floor. It is installed within your subfloor space and prevents excessive moisture from making its way inside your home.

Without subfloor ventilation you may experience:

* Mould growth in your wardrobes
* Mould growth in and on your walls
* Issues for residents with asthma and allergies
* Termites love a warm damp subfloor area

How does it work?

Xchange Air’s Home Ventilation Systems and Sub Floor fan systems are the quietest in the market and leave your home at optimum health along with being extremely energy efficient.  Our systems can also be installed into apartments, units and houses where no roof space is required.

You will notice the difference immediately!

The system is designed to exhaust damp trapped air from the subfloor and introduce fresh air in through existing or new passive vents.  This cuts off the source of the moisture from being evaporated through timber floors into the property which helps with mould and mildew issues and protects your timber floors. Xchange air also has a second solution (see below) which can be used in conjunction with, or alternatively to, subfloor ventilation fans.

Xchange air also has another solution Positive Input Ventilation which can be used in conjunction with, or alternatively to, subfloor ventilation fans.

Are you in a strata unit?

Poor ventilation is nearly always the cause of mould within home units and it can be difficult to know who is responsible or how to fix it.

Common causes:

  • There may be a burst pipe or a water leak coming from outside the unit, it may be coming from another unit or common area plumbing within the property.
  • If there is a sub floor area with inadequate ventilation the moisture may start to rise and cause mould.
  • Many properties are built with poor water proofing of garden beds, balconies etc. this leads to water and moisture tracking and causing mould.
  • In winter, the simple change of temperature outside while you are warm inside with heaters running can form condensation on walls and windows. This can then lead to mould in the property.
  • The simple act of having a hot shower and not having an exhaust fan that is efficient can cause mould to form on bathroom walls and ceilings.
  • The property being 100% closed up while you are out can trap heat and moisture and lead to mould.
  • A property that is very shaded, particularly through the cooler months will stay damp and have mould issues.

Are you in a house/ semi/ terrace?

It is important to remember that sub floor ventilation is not just for houses. If you live in a townhouse, strata unit, semi-attached etc. you could be experiencing the issues associated with poor sub-floor ventilation. Poor ventilation can cause many issues for your home and also for your health and the health of your family.

Why choose Xchange Air?

We have worked incredibly hard over the years to make sure that our products are the best in the market. It is with this level of hard work and passion we provide the ideal solutions for your property.

Operating proudly since 2003 ensuring our clients have healthy homes with clean air. Offering an Obligation free home assessment.

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For your peace of mind get a free assessment by one of xchange air’s qualified technicians of your property. We cover the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond to deliver you a healthy home.

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