Lane Cove Get Ready for the Movement Mob

Lane Cove! Let’s get moving in April and shake what your mamma gave you!

Chiropractic Central in Lane Cove is teaming up with the local community to encourage and inspire everyone in the Cove to get moving!

Movement is LIFE! Regular movement improves your overall health, fitness, and quality of life. It also helps reduce your risk of chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, many types of cancer, depression and anxiety, and dementia. So let’s get healthy together as a community!

THE MOVEMENT MOB was created to inspire you, give you tips and fun tricks to get moving and be healthy and providing FREE Movement Meetups and accountability throughout the month of April.  So the questions is HAVE YOU JOINED THE MOB??

It starts with setting a movement goal for the month of April. The Mob can help you make this a SMART goal and then help you stay accountable!  This can be anything, like dancing in your kitchen every morning before you leave the house to running a marathon.

When you join the mob you get:

  • Welcome starter pack jammed with goodies
  • Movement meet ups – multiple sessions available, unlimited attendance each week FREE including; yoga, pilates, barre, feldenkris, functional movement training, strength training and more plus additional workshops and webinars!
  • Connect with the mob on Facebook to keep you accountable to your movement goal and give you LOADS of valuable info and a community forum
  • Initial workshop/webinar to get you moving the right way and various workshops to set you up for life!
  • Monday movement memos – weekly recipes, nutritional advice, blogs, inspo, mindset shifting, movement tips
  • Mid-week movement inspo – to keep you moving in your goals and your body
  • Mob favours – discounts, vouchers and goodies from our partners
  • Celebration party at the end with loads of goodies to take away – cause who doesn’t love a party!


Click this link to find out more about how to Join the Mob!

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