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4 Elements of Health
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Personal training studio in Lane Cove West

At 4 Elements of Health, we focus on Exercise, Nutrition, Rest and Relaxation

When I first started in the fitness industry I thought health was all about exercise and nutrition until I was struck down with my own health challenge, and after hundreds of hours of research I believe these are the 4 key areas that everyone can manage for optimum health.  At 4 elements of health I will guide and inform you on how you can incorporate every element into your life to make you the best version of you.

Andrew has been in the fitness industry on and off since 2006 kicking off at No.1 Martin Place “The Health Club”. There he deepened his knowledge from functional training, anatomy, how to move the body optimally for everyday life. His clientele have ranged from the desk jockey, sedentary to performance.

Andrew’s interests are Tennis, Cycling, Skiing, and being active.

At 4 elements, Andrew will guide you through the 4 main areas of health with actionable techniques, tips and information to better incorporate these into your daily life.

EXERCISE – Fundamental movements, plus the exercising doesn’t stop at 4 elements, incorporating a 5 minute morning routine ‘wake up your body’ is essential to prime your body for the day ahead, also helping you fall asleep faster in the evening

NUTRITION – Healthy eating guidance and benefits of ‘Time Restricted Eating’, optimising the body’s circadian rhythms to process and digest food.

REST – One of the most critical areas at 4 Elements as sleep plays a very important part in your health, so not only quantity but more importantly the quality of your sleep.  A good sleep hygiene

RELAXATION – Breathing techniques to get you out of the fight or flight mode and back into the parasympathetic nervous system

Training sessions are 30 minutes or 1 hour,

First session is complementary


  • 6 Sessions – $150
  • 10 Sessions – $299


  • 5 Sessions – $350
  • 10 Sessions – $640


  • 5 Sessions – $275
  • 10 Sessions – $490

Monday – Friday: 9:30AM – 3:30PM
Saturday: 6:30AM – 12PM
Sunday: Closed



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