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At Box Catering, we’re a team of dedicated hospitality professionals who have been working across multi-award-winning venues, in cookery and service catering, for over 30 years. United since 2009, we have an enviable track record of success.


What sets Box Catering apart from the rest? Simple: we make restaurant-quality food and then serve it at the right temperature whenever and wherever you need it. Uniquely, our use of temperature-controlled boxes, means we can get serving timing and serving temperature right in advance. It’s a catering solution that frees your event schedule from the limitations of what a commercial kitchen can prepare minute to minute.

Well before starting Box Catering, the stories of how General Manager Greg Harris and Director Greg Bookallil each got into hospitality are remarkably similar. They both simply loved food and events. Throwing dinner party after dinner party for friends and family was fun, but wasn’t scratching the itch.

When their paths crossed, they got to talking and wondering… “How can we serve delicious food outside a restaurant setting without compromising on quality?” The answer came when they discovered temperature-controlled hot/cold delivery boxes. These are the boxes of Box Catering.

These special boxes meant Greg H and Greg B could create whatever meal a client wanted and then preserve it at the perfect serving temperature well after it left their kitchen. Tender meats, aldente risottos, chilled desserts, crisp pastries, fresh tacos and more – none of it needs to be served immediately from the kitchen. The genius of the temperature-controlled boxes meant that, suddenly, the usual limits on catering were gone!

In 2009, as Box Catering was about to launch, the two Gregs combined their 30 years of food experience to create a vast menu of crowd favourites. Next, they built the team, got their first clients and were in business! Through it all, however, Box Catering’s original mission of good food and good events has remained in the heart of everything we do.

Because for the whole Box Catering team, our work is about giving everyone an opportunity to experience a great meal wherever they are: a conference hall, a country wedding chapel, a yacht on Sydney Harbour – anywhere. What’s more, since 2009 and across perhaps 100,000 meals served, Box Catering still has not had a single bad review. Book your next event with us and find out why!

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