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Providing Leather Cleaning & Restoration Miracles In Hours

Raja Devine, one of the ‘original masters’ of Australian leather cleaning, quickly became known throughout Sydney for the masterful restoration work she was capable of. Key to this success was her ability to accurately create colours from scratch which faithfully matched the existing leather, known as tinting.

This made for flawless restoration work which left clients astounded it wasn’t in fact new leather they were looking at. Since then, Raja has continued providing amazing leather cleaning and restoration services to the residents of Sydney, and trains other leather cleaning technicians in her methods.

Amazing results with all kinds of leather! From top-of-the-line, luxury aniline to robust and sturdy split-grain leathers on designer furniture and more.

We don’t use machines! All our cleaning is done by hand to protect your leather and ensure you get the BEST results

Experience Deep Cleaning With Our Hand-Made Leather Cleaning Solution

Leather Clean has developed our very own, hand-made organic cleaning solution.

With carefully selected additives chosen to create a gentle, yet thoroughly cleaning solution, it’s also:

  • Child Friendly
  • Non Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-allergenic
  • Organic


Keep your leather furniture looking showroom-worthy with our leather cleaning and restoration services. Over time and with use, your leather furniture can end up looking ‘worn’ or ‘ratty’ from the body oils and sweat left behind after we sit on it. Simply wiping furniture with a cloth won’t help either, or in some cases, can make it worse! All our furniture leather cleaning technicians are able to correctly identify your leather, clean it using the right treatments, and if needed, restore it back to its original glory.


Leather furniture, panelling, and accessories on boats are exposed to rough marine condition such as the strong Australian sun, harsh sea water, and in some cases rapid changes in temperature. And with a boat being a major investment of time and money, plus and understandable source of pride, it only makes sense that you’d want to make sure it’s properly cared for. The good news is that you can avoid unsightly cracking in your leather with regular cleaning and conditioning. And even better, our experienced marine leather cleaning technicians can do it all for you. So you can spend more time on the water enjoying your boat, and less time maintaining it.


Car leather, while hard-wearing, still needs proper cleaning and conditioning if you want it looking its best and feeling soft and supple to the touch. Leather car interiors are notorious for cracking and discoloration thanks to the heavy use and the often-high temperatures the inside of your car can reach. And, if you want a good resale price for your vehicle, it’s even more important to ensure these problems never happen, or, if they do, that they’re restored properly so it looks good as new. Our automotive leather cleaning technicians are experts at properly cleaning and restoring luxury leather interiors in a range of cars and we’re also able to match colours perfectly.


Leather inside airplanes and helicopters can be subject to a variety of harsh environmental conditions, which can cause quick drying and cracking in your leather. It’s also prone to superficial damage from passengers and cargo. Because of the heavy demands of aircraft leather, plus the regulated nature of the industry, it’s understandable that aircraft leather is expensive to buy and install. Which is why our aircraft leather cleaning technicians are able to ensure your leather stays pliable for long-lasting performance and looks great too by removing stains, abrasions, and scuff marks. This means you can avoid expensive refit costs and can instead simply restore your interiors on site while your plane is already grounded for regular maintenance.

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