Afternoon Snack Time Dilemma Solved by a Lane Cove Start Up Business

Have you ever had a child come home with friends and you have nothing to give them for a snack?

Has your child ever said “Mum can we cook today?” and you shudder at the mess you are going to have to clean up?  A local start up business called Uncle Mike’s Foods has solved your problem.

Uncle MIke sells frozen cookie dough.  The dough is handmade the old fashioned way.  The ingredient list does not contain any nasties (i.e names that you cannot pronounce or a number you could not be bothered looking up).

So how easy is it?  So easy an 11 year old girl can do it herself without any help from mum.  Here is the proof.

Step One

Open the packet.


Step Two

Roll the dough into 2cm Balls and place on a baking tray covered with baking paper.


At this stage my daughter wanted to insert a new Step 2, which was to eat the yummy cookie dough before it was rolled out.  Uncle Mike has thought of everything.  He has used pasturised Egg Whites so that the cookie dough is safe to eat.

eatingcooking dough

I am pleased to say that my daughter is not the only one who wanted to include a new step

other kids

Step 3

Put them in the oven and wait ten minutes until they are cooked


Ten minutes later you have yummy cookies to eat.  If you like your cookies hard, rather than chewy, bake longer.

Here is a sample of the golden cookie ready to eat.


The cookie is a little bit more golden than we would have  liked.  That is because the only step mum had to do was to put the oven on.  Mum inadvertently put the oven on the wrong temperature.  This did not stop 100% pure enjoyment of the cookie.


Note the Chocolate around the face – evidence of enjoyment.

So what did this experiment prove?   It proved that an 11 year old can easily bake Uncle Mike’s Cookies and that mum should have trusted her and let her set the oven temperature.

Here is what the cookies look like if you follow the instructions to the letter.


Contact Details:

Where Can I Buy Them:

Lane Cove Public School Food and Farmers Market –  – The markets are held every Sunday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.