Residents’ Associations

The Lane Cove West Residents’ Association was formed to protect the interests of Lane Cove West residents.  It represents the Lane Cove West residents on matters concerning traffic, roads, development, general community interests and other issues raised by local Lane Cove West Residents.

You can find the minutes of their meetings, membership details and next meeting dates on the notice board at the Lane Cove West Shops.

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To maintain and enhance the general well being of the Residents and the Environment of the Stringy Bark Creek Residents Association’s area.  The association covers residents of the area bounded by Centennial Avenue, Epping Road and Mowbray Road.

The SBCRA is run by members who form a Committee and are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. Committee Members and key roles for 2013/14 are

  • President – Frances Vissel
  • Vice President – Kylie Bryden-Smith
  • Treasurer & Memberships – Jack Winning
  • Minute Secretary – Alasdair Stuart
  • Other Committee Members – Guy Hallowes, Win Chandler & Ann Proudfoot


Founded in 1993, the Stringy Bark Creek Residents Association (SBCRA) was formed with a very simple focus; to help preserve and improve common welfare, traffic, health, safety, transport and most importantly the bushland and environment within the Lane Cove North Area. Our Mission Statement above states just that and it is these very values that have remained a core part of activities of the SBCRA since it was founded. The SBCRA consists of local residents who have a genuine interest in environmental protection and resident welfare.

in the Lane Cove North Area. It has been engaging local residents in this important annual event since 1996.
The SBCRA has also taken care of small things, which may pass unnoticed, but they add up to maintaining and improving the quality of life in our area such as broken footpaths, traffic and parking issues in our local streets. We even managed to extend the life of the red postal box, which alas was finally statched away from us by the Postmaster due to not enough usage!
It is thanks to the efforts of the SBCRA working in collaboration with other local organisations, that we can proudly say we have helped in the preservation of bushland pockets and helped to create a safer, cleaner neighbourhood which will benefit not just the people of today, but the children of tomorrow.

However, our job is never finished… and we will keep working on the important issues that affect our community such as the impact of development in the Mowbray Precinct and on-going maintenance and regeneration of the Batten Reserve and String Bark Creek bushland.

General/Media Enquiries
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Membership Enquiries
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