Editorial Policy

www.inthecove.com.au (Site) is owned by Consult & Comply Pty Ltd trading as In the Cove (ITC)

In the Cove aims to provide relevant and useful information about Lane Cove for Lane Cove residents.

It meets that aim in two ways:

  • By creating content of its own
  • By providing a forum for the exchange of information and views from contributors

In the Cove delivers this content via a website and via FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, LinkedInYouTube and a weekly emailed newsletter.

In delivering this content, In the Cove adheres to the following editorial policy.

  1. Independence

In the Cove is a private company, and from time to time accepts funding in the form of memberships, sponsorship and other contributions. It also earns income from advertising.

In the Cove does not seek or accept any form of government funding.

At all times, editorial content produced by In the Cove is independent, and is not influenced by any financial contributions or other considerations from outside entities.

Whenever In the Cove publishes advertising or other sponsored content, that content will be clearly labelled to distinguish it from In the Cove’s own independent editorial content.

  1. Accuracy

In the Cove aims to ensure that all editorial content is accurate and is presented in context.

  1. Fairness

In the Cove is committed to the following hallmarks of fairness:

  • Providing a reasonable opportunity to respond where allegations or criticisms are made
  • Attributing information to its source wherever possible
  • Not plagiarising or misrepresenting the work of others
  • Informing those we approach or contact that we are representing In the Cove
  1. Diversity

In the Cove aims to be relevant to all the residents of Lane Cove, and seeks the widest possible diversity of voices, views and issues.

  1. Harm and Offence

While some content delivered on In the Cove platforms may offend, disturb or annoy, In the Cove aims to avoid unnecessary, excessive or gratuitous harm and offence to the extent compatible with its mission.

  1. Privacy

In the Cove has a privacy policy relating to the protection and management of any personally identifiable information shared via its platforms.

In the Cove is also committed to ensuring that any content which intrudes into the private lives of individuals is appropriate and proportionate when balanced with the public interest in the disclosure of information and freedom of expression.

  1. Commenters

All those submitting comments or other material to In the Cove for publication are asked to ensure they have the appropriate rights to share any content, including images, videos and other content, to comply with In the Cove’s editorial requirement for accuracy, and to ensure that the authorship of any content is appropriately attributed.

  1. Moderation of comments

In the Cove encourages and appreciates contributions and comments on our stories. However, those comments should contribute to a neighbourly conversation, and in general they should not be abusive, contain personal attacks, be inflammatory, racist or be overly profane. In the Cove reserve the right to make the decisions about which comments violate these ground rules, and will moderate the comments at our discretion on any and all platforms.

  1. Advertising

In the Cove accepts advertising in a number of forms, including through paid business listings and display advertisements.

Although initial business listings in In the Cove guides are paid for, the ratings and reviews are genuine and are independently submitted by users. In the Cove will not edit, remove or create reviews or listings to advantage or disadvantage businesses that advertise with In the Cove.

All advertising or sponsored content will be clearly labelled to distinguish it from In the Cove editorial content.

In the Cove does not accept political advertising, advertising from developers or advertising in relation to illegal products or services.  In the Cove reserves the right not to accept advertising from a particular business or organisation that does not align with our mission statement.

  1. Accountability and Corrections

In the Cove makes all reasonable efforts to abide by these editorial standards, and invites any community members who feel we have breached these standards to contact us with their complaints. Complaints can be made via email to [email protected] or in writing to PO Box 1064 Lane Cove NSW 2066.

Any material breaches of these standards will be acknowledged and, where possible, corrected.  If necessary any article that breaches these standards will be removed.