Lane Cove Keep Your Home Safe this Holiday Season

Are you leaving Lane Cove this  holiday season – here are a few tip to make sure your home and possessions are safe this holiday season.  Even if you are not going away, traditionally the school holiday period is the time when unwanted intruders arrive at your home.

  • Make sure a trustworthy friend/neighbour is advised that you are away and ask them to keep an eye on your place;
  • Ask you neighbour to collect your mail and make sure your mailbox is locked;
  • Ask you neighbour to take the bins in and out;
  • If your neighbour has two cars, let them know they can park one in your driveway;
  • Give your neighbours your contact details;
  • Lock all windows, doors, garden sheds, gates, garages and any other areas of your home that are able to be secured;
  • Stop all deliveries that you are expecting;
  • Ensure your phone message doesn’t state that you are away on holidays;
  • Be wary of what you post on social media;
  • Avoid packing the car the night before as it will become an attractive target for a thief’
  • If you are leaving after Christmas, don’t advertise you have some brand new equipment, by leaving big boxes out (ie that brand new mega flat screen TV);
  • My mother loved to hang old towels out on the line so it looked like we were home as there was washing on the line.
  • Invite someone to housesit (make sure it is someone with references or someone you know).

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You may also want to investigate a security camera option.  Some of these options are quite cheap and can be implemented quite quickly.  Give Alert Locks and Security a call to see what options they have.

If you are going away on holidays, make sure you leave for the Airport in plenty of time, they have just implemented a new one way system around Sydney airport.


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