Beware of the Funnel Web Spider Lane Cove

The Funnel Web Spider is making its presence known on the North Shore and in Lane Cove. From November to April the male Funnel Web Spider is on the look out for a mate.  They tend to come out at night, but you will find them in the day.  At this time of year, it is advisable to at all time wear shoes outside.  With the warmer weather Funnel Web Spiders tend to come out earlier and this time last year a spider was spotted in Lane Cove in Phoenix Street near Pottery Green.



What does a Funnel Web Spider Look Like?


Funnel Web Spider Lane Cove
Female Blue Mountains Funnel-web Spider, (Hadronyche versuta) Photographer: M Gray © Australian Museum

Where do Funnel Web Spiders Live?

There is an urban myth that Lane Cove is the Funnel Web spider capital of Sydney.  According to the Australian Museum Website:

While Sydney Funnel-webs were never restricted to the leafy north shore region as some would have it, Sydney real estate does give a rough guide to funnel-web density – the more expensive the area the greater the funnel-web population (the dry, sandy eastern suburbs excepted). – See more at:

Stuart Macadam from local landscapers WoodnStone regularly sees burrows of Funnel Web Spiders in Lane Cove.  Stuart advises that Funnel Web Spiders love anywhere in Sydney with a sandstone base.  It is a good idea to encourage Kookaburras in your backyard – they love swooping down on the spiders.

Be careful of Funnel Web Spiders in your pool.  One of our Twitter Followers, Dave Clark, posted the picture below of Funnel Web Spiders in their Pool.  This was the sixth Funnel Web spider they found in their pool in 2018!!

funnel web

fwspidrs lane cove

What do you do when you see a Spider?

We know your first instinct would be to smash the spider with a shovel or other appropriate garden tool.  However, in 2017 the Sydney Morning Herald reported:

The number of funnel webs caught to produce vital anti-venom has been declining over the past few years, prompting specialists to remind everyday Australians to lend a hand.

People are encouraged to catch the spiders and hand them in to drop off points. If you want to know how to correctly catch a spider, we recommend you watch this video. Information on drop off points can be found here.

If you are bitten you should call 000 immediately.  However BioCSL have launched a new App called ‘Australian bites and stings’.

This handy app was developed for consumers in the event of animal bite and provides information regarding signs and symptoms + first aid for a variety of snakes, spiders, jellyfish and creepy crawlies.

For more information:

To download the app:

There are other Creepy Crawlies Around

Of course, its not just funnel web spiders you need to worry about in Lane Cove. Another twitter follower told us he regularly sees Red Back Spiders in Lane Cove.

red back spider

So Lane Cove be wary of spiders. If you read our recent blog on the Lane Cove cockroach plague, it might not be a bad idea to get your house sprayed for spiders and cockroaches.  We would love some recommendations about local pest exterminators.

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