Four Frogs Crêperie – Fraussie in Lane Cove

What makes for a good restaurant, you ask?  It’s one that truly fits into the local community. A restaurant that gives back to locals; employs locals and is a place where you feel welcome with your family. And we can’t forget – one that bangs out delicious, authentic, and mouth-watering food to appeal to sweet or savoury taste buds. This is exactly where Four Frogs Crêperie has hit the nail on the head!

Located on Longueville Road  FFour Frogs Crêperie has done an immaculate job at bringing “Fraussie” (French food with an Aussie twist) to the Lane Cove. They have achieved all of this whilst making anyone and everyone who steps through the door feel embraced and eager to undergo the full-French experience, right in the heart of the Lane Cove Village.

After four years in operation, Four Frogs Crêperie has become an institution in Lane Cove, and it still feels as fresh, authentic and relevant as ever with its never-ending menu updates and food specials to suit any desire or occasion.

The place is consistently a hive of activity throughout the day and it is not uncommon to see a long line of people spilling out the front doors throughout the week and weekends. 

Reviving French splendour in an Aussie-fashioned setting, it’s not just the vibe locals hit up Four Frogs for. Four Frogs Crêperie has strengthened community ties by not only offering appetising Galettes, Crêpes and monthly specials that’ll make you drool, but by contributing to local sponsorships, such as the Lane Cove Tigers Juniors Rugby League Tigers team or Lane Cove Public school events and also providing work opportunities to high-schoolers and young residents within the community. Something the team is super passionate about.

One of the best things about the local Crêperie is that it’s affordable, and appealing to families around Lane Cove, especially after sports on the weekend. 

Most of the Galette dishes — think the size of a large plate — are fresh, healthy and naturally nutritious, including delicious ingredients such as ham, spinach, chicken, salmon, duck, bacon, prosciutto or chorizo to seduce your palette. Or if you are more of a sweet tooth, perhaps the traditional Nutella and strawberry Crêpe will suffice? 

Four Frogs Crêperie has supported, connected, and amplified the true meaning of what Lane Cove is all about – community!

Four Frogs Crêperie we invite everyone and anyone to get down there to experience it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. 

They are always happy to welcome Lane Covers to the team, so if you wish to join them, don’t hesitate to drop by the shop with your resume.

Four Frogs Creperies Contact Details

Address:  115 – 119 Longueville Road NSW (next to Eyes on Lane Cove)
Facebook: @fourfrogscreperie
Instagram:  @fourfrogscreperie
Email:  [email protected]
Licensed:  Beers, Wines, Cider, Champagne and Premium Spirits