Four Fab Finds In the Cove

Here are four new things that ITC  found out about recently – they ticked my fancy so they may also tickle yours!!!!!

  1. Ecodowner Sells  100% Cotton Organic T-ShirtsDid you know that Ecodownunder sells  T-Shirts?  ITC certainly did not.  I have purchased some lovely fluffy towels there but never a T-Shirt.  Tell them the price son, tell them the price…. $10.00!!! This was a hot tip from a Facebook Fan.   Ecodowner is located near Snowberry and across from McGrath Real
  2. Zjoosh Gift Registry (aka The Little Book of Subtle Hints)Have you ever told your loved one what you really want for Christmas, only to find a kettle or a toaster under the Christmas Tree?  This will never happen to you again if you tell your loved one, partner, significant other or kids  that you have registered with the Zjoosh Gift Registry.  This is an INSPIRED Idea.IMG_6979
  3. Knife Sharpening at Lane Cove Shoe Repairs 

    Christmas Season is coming and you don’t want to hack away at the Christmas Ham – sharpen those knives now. Lane Cove Shoe Repairs is located behind Snowberry.

  4. Via Napoli Now Does Home Delivery 

    ITC found a  home delivery flyer from Via Napoli in her letterbox .  The min order is $25.00.  As we know it can get quite hectic up at Via Napoli – so home delivery might be a good idea!!.

What is your best find In the Cove? What do you think is a fab idea that you should let people know about!!!


  1. Huge fan of the Ecodowner t-shirts – two styles, comfy, great quality, great fit. Only shame is white only – though great for layering!

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