Longueville Sporting Club (aka The Diddy) Community Open Day

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The Longueville Sporting Club,  more commonly known as “The Diddy” was established in 1938.  It used to be known as the Lane Cove Bowling Club.  Today the greens are alive with barefoot bowls and kids running around the greens with a footy or frisbee.

Why is it called the Diddy?  According to the Sydney Morning Herald, “the club came to be known as the Diddy-die-Diddy because, supposedly, if an old member hadn’t been seen around for some time other old members would be heard to ask: “Did he die, did he? The club has been revived as the Longueville Sporting Club and now has almost 1300 members, the bulk of whom play social bowls but aren’t officially bowlers…. The club is still popularly known as the Diddy-die-Diddy. Indeed, a sign outside says, “Welcome to the Diddy”.”


On 9th November the club threw open its doors (well the greens actually) and invited the community to see the Diddy and the work it does in the community.

Andrew Bruce, President of The Diddy said: “The Community Open Day was an opportunity for the club to showcase its features and welcome new members.”  It was also an opportunity for the current management group to share the club’s success since turning around its financial situation. Since taking over three years ago, the current management group has turned the club’s fortunes around, making the club profitable again and becoming a strong partner of local special interest and sporting clubs.

andrew bruce
Andrew Bruce – Chairman

The greens are a great place to have Kid’s birthday parties – in fact you get the green for free.  All you need to do is pay for drinks and catering.  It is so much better when a kid spills a drink on grass rather than on your polished floor boards!!!!

On Wednesday nights, the Diddy is alive with action, as this is their popular curry night.  However the chef is about to retire and these nights will finish soon.  So you better get down to the Diddy within the next month to experience Wednesday curry night.  New caterers are being interviewed and it will be interesting to see the change in menu.

Here are just some of the clubs/community groups that the Diddy sponsors.

DSC_0606  DSC_0613DSC_0609

Here is the exciting news – they are expanding the club to include a deck.  This means there will be even more places to sip a quite ale or have a quick sav blanc or chardy (yes ladies the chardy is coming back).

The club  is also home to Fitness Revelation Gym.  They have a very active boot camp programme and a running club.  For more info on Fitness Revelation click here


You want more?  You got it  – they are also home to Yogabowl.  The beautiful  and serene Mitch runs the most amazing Yoga classes at the club.  If  you want to find out more just click here .  You might also want to read our blog about Mitch and Yogabowl (click here to read).

yoga on green

Longueville Sporting Club

Where:  Cnr Kenneth St and Northwood Road, Longueville
Website: www.thediddy.com.au
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Longuevillesportingclub
Email: [email protected]
hone:  (02) 9427 2210