4 New Bistros for Lane Cove

Lane Cove is about to experience four new eateries!!

Le Boeuf

Lane  Cove restaurant
Le Beouf at the Unwined Bar

Le Boeuf is a pop up restaurant that will open in the Unwined Bar.  Le Boeuf is based on the same formula as the popular l’entrecote paris.  You only have the choice of one dish (but the idea is that it is done so well that you will not care if the choice is limited).  If you finish the meal and you are still hungry, you can order another serve free of charge.  Luke (the owner of Unwined Bar) has been working with Le Boeuf to source succulent tender beef.  Stayed tuned and we will let you know when Le Boeuf will be opening!!

Address:  22 Rosenthal Ave Lane Cove NSW 2066

Website:  www.unwinedbar.com.au

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/unwinedbar

Phone:  02 9418 8074

Salt Brasserie

Lane Cove Club
Salt Brasserie at the Lane Cove Club

Salt Brasserie opened this week at the Lane Cove Club.  This is the official word about the new restaurant from the Lane Cove Club

“The Lane Cove Club is proud to introduce Salt Brasserie to our members and guests.  Run by Novak and Helen Kuzmanovic, they are a family business that has been catering throughout the Hills District and surrounding suburbs for over 20 years.

They pride themselves on providing fresh local produce that is specially prepared and cooked with passion on the premises by one of their professional chefs.”

Click here if you want to see the menu, if you love your schnitzel or parma, then Salt Brasserie may be the place for you.

Address:  1 Birdwood Avenue Lane Cove NSW 2066

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheCakeManLaneCove

Phone: 02) 8021 6195

Dinner with The Cake Man

The Cake Man
Lemon Meringue

The Cake Man is poised to take over the old Epitome site and has hired a very experienced chef to design a menu.  It is under wraps at the moment, but we will let you know when the menu is available.  One thing for sure, the desserts will rock!!

Address:  23 -25 Burns Bay RoadLane Cove NSW 2066

Facebook: http://lanecoveclub.com.au/

Phone:  02 9428 5155

Charles at the Longueville Sporting Club


Not much is known about the new operator or the menu.  However the chef is Charles Maheswaran.

Address:  Kenneth Street, near Northwood Road Longueville, New South Wales,