Antonio “The Flower Man” Saved by People Power


Antonio, and his father before him, has been selling flowers on Burns Bay Road near Linley Point for over 40 years. In recent months, Lane Cove Council has issued several notices to Antonio demanding that he stop selling his flowers from this location.

The local Linley Point community rallied in support of Antonio and his ongoing service to the community, and over the past few weeks, they obtained over 600 signatures of support on a paper petition to allow Antonio to continue operating from Burns Bay Road.

Antonio is a licensed grower from the Flemington Markets. He sells his own freshly grown flowers.  Antonio is located on Burns Bay Road in rain, hail or shine and only missed one weekend when his daughter was getting married.

The Linley Point community told ITC that Antonio is a true gentleman who is dedicated to providing a reliable and quality service.

It’s Lane Cove Council policy that there should be no street vending unless it is a community event.  They also rightly point out that there are businesses in Lane Cove who have the right to legally sell the same products and they pay rent.    This is true, but sometimes there is the exception that proves the rule.  This is a long-standing vendor that is situated near the Lane Cove/Hunters Hill council border.

The Linley Cove community contacted In the Cove and asked that we let the wider community know about the move to “evict” Antonio.  The response was overwhelming.  The Antonio post was one of our most shared posts in the last year.  ITC set up an online petition which received over 600 signatories in three days.

At the Lane Cove Council Meeting on 19th September the Lane Cove Council resolved the following:

  • The Lane Cove Council General Manager draft a suitable policy that allows operators such as flower sellers to use the current strip of road at Burns Bay Road, Linley Point;
  • The Lane Cove Council commence discussions with RMS and/or other government departments / Minister to seek a reversal of the current no standing arrangements that would allow for the use as described in 1 above; and
  • The General Manager be delegated authority to prepare a policy pursuant to the objectives of 1 above, and proceed to public exhibition of the policy and approval of the policy.

It is great to see that common sense prevailed.


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