Lane Cove Week in Review – 19 to 25 Sep 2016

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Welcome to our Lane Cove Week in Review, for 19 to 25 September 2016.

It was a HUGE week in Lane Cove.  A week where Lane Cove made the nightly news for several reasons.

Police Pursuit through Longueville and Northwood

A police pursuit and operation was conducted in Northwood this week when a person, who was allegedly involved in a robbery, decided to hide in Northwood.   You can read about the chase here.


Council Amalgamations

This week Justice Timothy Moore of the Land and Environment Court ruled that the State Government’s assessment process to amalgamate Hunters HIll, Ryde and Lane Cove Councils was conducted fairly.  This means that the merger could be announced by the end of this week or early next week. However, it is not all over yet, amalgamation could be further delayed if either the Lane Cove Council or Hunters Hill Council decides to launch an appeal.


People Power Saves Antonio “The Flower Man”

The Lane Cove Council voted to introduce measures to allow Antonio “the Flower Man”  to continue selling Flowers on Burns Bay Road. You can read about it here.


Community Consultation Process Starts for New Aged Care Facility in Northwood/Longueville

The Longueville Sporting Club was packed on Tuesday night to hear about the proposed 130 bed aged care facility in Lane Cove. The main concern was the increased traffic which would be channelled along Arabella Street, Woodford Road and Kenneth Street Longueville. There was also a concern that insufficient parking spaces had been allocated for visitors and staff.  You can find out more about the proposal here.


New Business Alert

A new coffee shop is opening at 1, 7-13 Centennial Avenue Lane Cove North (the Savanna Apartments).  It is called Bella Bacio Cafe

Bella Bacia

A new upholstery shop has opened on Mowbray Road. Check out their website


Crime Report

Attempted fraud – Lane Cove

Around 3.00 pm on Saturday 17th September a 67 year old female from Lane Cove received a phone call from a blocked number. An unknown male (with an Indian accent) claimed that he was a technician from Telstra and had intercepted hacking attacks against the female’s bank accounts.

The caller requested that the female turn on her computer and give the caller remote access to her computer, which she did.

The caller ahs then gained access to the female’s bank account and advised her that he was going to transfer $1000 into her account. The caller has then allegedly created a pending transaction of $1000 and requested the female withdraw the funds from her account and then transfer the money via MoneyGram to India at her nearest 7 Eleven convenience store.

The female complied, however, before she carried out the transaction, realised that it was more than likely a scam and contacted police.

The female was advised to contact her bank immediately and change all her banking details.

Steal from Motor Vehicles in the local area this week

*Rosenthal Ave, LANE COVE
Between 5:15pm and 9:50pm on Friday 16th September

School Holidays

It’s school holiday time, if you are looking for something to do with the kids check out our blog here.  We also have some ideas for Term 4 activities.

Speaking of activities sign up for a gift wrapping workshop today.

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