Supermarket Wars in Lane Cove – Yes or No?

ITC keeps reading about the supermarket wars and how the big supermarkets are using bread and milk to lure us into the supermarkets.  ITC thought we would do a quick comparison of the price of essential items in Lane Cove from the 4 supermarkets located in the Lane Cove Council area.

ITC visited the following supermarkets:

  • Coles Lane Cove Burns Bay Road;
  • Woolworths Lane Cove Market Square
  • IGA Express Burns Bay Road; and
  • Greenwich IGA Greenwich Road Greenwich.

We purchased the following;

  • 2 Litres Dairy Farm Lite White Milk;
  • 700g Wonder White Loaf of Bread (Wholemeal or Hi Fibre);
  • 250 grms of Middle Rasher Bacon (Bacon is an essential food group in the ITC home);


Coles Lane Cove
Cost $11.74

Milk and Bread were the same price in Coles and Woolworths. So the price difference was the bacon. Coles did not seem to sell Bacon in 250g. The only middle rasher bacon I could find was 200g Bacon rindless. You obviously pay more for rindless bacon. But is it worth it? I would have to say yes. The Woolworths Bacon was smothered in this liquid that went all over the bench after I opened the packet. The Coles rindless was fresh looking and firmer. (See below Coles rindless bacon is in top of the photo).


Coles Bacon (top of picture) and Woolies Bacon (bottom of picture)

Woolworths Lane Cove
Cost $10.29

Woolworths did have a special on Wonder White bread – 2 loaves for $5.00. This would have reduced the unit cost of the bread and been more economical. However, we would never use 2 loaves of bread in one week and our freezer is full.


IGA Burns Bay Road
Cost:  $11.56

Surprisingly bread was cheaper at both IGA stores. The IGA home brand middle rashers bacon was $1.02 more expensive than the Woolworths home brand middle rashers.


IGA Greenwich
Cost $13.15

Milk was 56 cents cheaper at Greenwich IGA compared to the Burns Bay IGA. The only middle rasher bacon packet I could find was Primo (so you would expect to pay more than the home brands above). But how much more would you expect to pay? The Primo Bacon cost $6.17. Is it worth paying more for branded goods? Is the old adage true that quality does not cost it pays? 


There will be a real pressure on price when ALDI opens in the revamped Rosenthal Avenue Car Park in the next one or two years. Coles will be relocating to the new Rosenthal Avenue development.

So what is your experience?  Where do you like to shop in Lane Cove?

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