Keep your Skin Looking and Feeling Good in Summer

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Welcome another new addition to the ITC Guest Blogger family – it’s none other than Phil Wade, from Lane Cove Wellness Centre, on Burns Bay Road.

We asked Phil to share some tips on how to keep our skin looking and feeling good this summer. Thanks Phil!


How do you keep you skin looking good and feeling good in Summer?

Worried about skin cancer? Well, so am I. When I was a boy we used coconut oil and zinc cream, and never got burnt …ha ha! Seriously, the depleted ozone layer means that the same sun that once took hours to burn you now takes only minutes. And that can’t be good.

That means that you and I have to protect against it more than ever with approved sunscreens and clothing. But what else can you do to reduce skin damage?

A good tip is to reduce your sugar intake. You see, over-abundance of sugar reduces your skin’s natural defence. It may fry out faster and form freckles easier.

And it gets worse. Our per capita sugar consumption is off the scale (2 1/2 times the WHO recommendation on average, but teenagers eat or drink up to 92g/day – nearly 4 times the recommended safe maximum to prevent diseases such as diabetes from developing).

But prolonged, excess sugar intake can also cause other problems. Because it drives your body into a sort of reverse energy cycle that will cause it to store fat, slow down your immune protection and reduce your resistance to infection. Because surface oil production slows, skin is lees protected against the elements. And increased cell damage from sun will lead to DNA damage.

Other toxic irritants besides UV rays can also damage skin cells. They include cigarettes and exposure to chemical contaminants on clothing or in food that can cause cell damage..*

Reducing your sugar intake may also protect yourself against the above problems.

Phil’s Top Tips for General Wellness

  • To cut down on sugar cravings, include in your diet a variety of omega-3 containing, seed and nut oils**.
  • Wear hats whenever you are in the sun.  The data from Cancer Council’s National Sun Protection Survey reveals that just 44% of Australian adults wear a hat when exposed to UV on summer weekends, down from 48% in 2003.
  • Use only approved sunscreens*.
  • Avoid irritant, synthetic and contaminated clothing as well as repeated rubbing from bra straps, waist bands etc (melanoma can arise from irritants other than sunlight)***.
  • Use organic cosmetics.
  • Don’t carry “live” mobile phones too close to your body
  • Eat mainly uncontaminated food (freshly-grown, organic food is still the best)
  • Make sure that you make up for dietary deficiencies with well-balanced, complete supplements, containing all 78 minerals, 12 vitamins**.

* International Congress on Functional Medicine  2012.
**These are unavailable in normal commercial preparations, so we make such a formula in the lab.
***Wales has one of the world’s highest incidence of melanoma and this has been attributed to coal dust.

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