Lane Cove West Residents Angry at Lane Cove Council’s Rock Storage Area

Penrose Street Residents were recently advised by the Lane Cove Council that Council would be storing logs in a reserve in Lane Cove West.  The Logs are to remain in that area for a period of time and then will be reused in parks and playgrounds in Lane Cove.

Lane Cove West residents were dismayed to see that the logs were, in fact, large boulders placed next to a children’s playground.  The residents have sought comment from the Council’s contact person listed on the works notice, but he is yet to respond.

Rosen 3

Residents have raised the following issues:     

  • The rock storage area is located next to a children’s park.
  • A Council staff member advised that the area will eventually be fenced.  In the interim, the plastic tape
    does not provide adequate protection from inquisitive children.
  • Are these boulders (some half the size of a car) secure? Some rocks have been placed on top of each other.
  • A Site Assesment Audit should be provided to residents to ensure that all safety precautions have been implemented.
  • Why start relocating the rocks during the school holidays when children are playing outside?
  • Why does the notice of work refer to logs and not rocks?
  • Snakes have been recently sighted in Blackman Park, this is an ideal place for snakes and spiders to hide near a children’s playground.

penrose 2

The Lane Cove Council owes a duty of care to its residents.  The Council should notify all Lane Cove residents of this new rock storage area and parents can then make an informed decision.  When ITC lived in Lane Cove West (but not Penrose Street) we regularly used this park. Children also access this park from Blackman Park.  This notification could be done via their website.

Although not confirmed, ITC understands that the rocks have been taken from the new Rosenthal Avenue Car Park Development.

ITC will be requesting further information from the Lane Cove Council.



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