Lane Cove Week in Review – 18 to 24 September 2017

Welcome to our Lane Cove Week in Review for 18 to 24 September 2017.

New Sushi Bar to Open Above The Cake Man

This sign was spotted this week above the Cake Man (the old red chopsticks restaurant).  There is an Akira Sushi at the Chatswood Interchange.


266 Longueville Road Lane Cove

Over 60 residents attended a community meeting about the Development Application that has been lodged for a 7 storey Aged Care Facility at 266 Longueville Road. The proposed development will involve the demolition of the former lawn bowls facility and associated carparking area. There will be 90 independent living units (ILU’s) and 70 residential aged care beds are also proposed within the new building. There will be up to 35 staff on-site during shift change. A number of ancillary facilities are proposed for the use of residents, including a number. There will be 137 off street car parks and an ambulance bay.

There has long been opposition to this plan by neighbours as the development will take away green space. In 2013 more than two dozen neighbours, parents, children and a doctor spoke at Lane Cove Council meeting to save the green space. Despite this opposition, Lane Cove Council rezoned the land to enable construction of a Senior Living Facility.

There is still strong opposition to the development and you can find out why people are opposed to this development at

Watch Out Snakes About

We published an article on snake sightings in Lane Cove on Saturday and we received quite a few comments that snakes have been seen around Blackman Park – be careful when walking in the bush around Blackman Park. You can find out more here.

Will OBikes Become the New Abandoned Items on Lane Cove Streets?

Spotted today was this abandoned O Bike lodged under the notice board near the library.  You can report an abandoned OBike on 0452 512 453 (Mon-Fri 10am-6pm).


Speaking of street clutter, Dominos Bikes are becoming an issue on Rosenthal Avenue.  We have also received complaints about riders riding along footpaths and going the wrong way up one-way streets.

domino bikes

Night Road Work Starting on Longueville Road


night road work x

Crime Report

This week we were advised about tow bars being stolen from cars.  Apparently, tow bars were stolen from cars along Burns Bay Road.

We have had more reports of Mail Theft at Epping Road Apartments.  Mailbox theft appears to happen more at apartments.

Given that both tow bars and mailboxes are being stolen from Apartments you may want to speak to your body corporate about installing CCTV. Speak to local security experts Alert Locks & Security Lane Cove

Rooms to Let

Do you need offices during the day to meet clients?  At 96 Longueville Road you can use a meeting room, two private offices, kitchen and bathroom between 8am to 3pm.

To discuss rates and possibilities, please contact Margaret Wall 0414 609 769 or email [email protected]

rooms to let

School Holiday Activities

Term 3 is finished. There is still time to book some activities for the kids. Check out our guide HERE.
 Spring 2017 Lane Cove School Holiday Activities

Our Cover Photo

Our Cover Photo captured  local author Natalie Panzarino launching her book to raise money for Greyhound rescue at Burns Bay Bookery – you can read more here.

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