Lane Cove Week in Review 8th to 15th April 2018

It was a hot and smokey week in Lane Cove.  On Saturday night the fires engulfing Western Sydney could be seen from some of the unit complexes in Lane Cove (see our cover photo).  On Friday and Saturday, the air was quite thick from smoke originating from a fire hazard reduction burning exercise in Hornsby.

Syringes at Blackman Park

A Roving Reporter found Syringes at Blackman Park.  ITC notified the Lane Cove Council who arranged for the syringes to be removed.  The Lane Cove Council advised that it has been several years since they had a report of syringes requiring removal from a public space and that they have not encountered it as an ongoing issue in Blackman Park. They are going to monitor the area of the recent incident to ensure community safety as well as the safety of staff who maintain the public areas.  You can read more here.

Long Lines at the Lane Cove Interchange

An ITC roving reporter noted the long lines building up again at the Lane Cove Interchange in the same week the Minister for Transport announced the date for the Chatswood to Epping Train Line closure.  Will this impact Lane Cove – you can read more here.

Roadworks at Pheonix and Dorritt Street

An ITC Roving Reporter has asked why the Lane Cove Council does road work during peak traffic times. The roadwork at Dorrit Street and Pheonix Street was causing traffic delays of up to 10 minutes. Trucks were finding it difficult to navigate the road closures.   ITC asked the Lane Cove Council to explain and this was their response.

Council is aware that from time to time scheduled works can cause short term interruptions on our road network.

This week’s works took place along the length of the road and involved resheeting and other works which typically take place during the day in residential streets. In areas which are heavily utilised the off-peak time is usually overnight resulting in nightwork disruptions for local residents and significant increase in costs. The works are nearing completion today with no works over the weekend. Any remaining works should be completed on Monday, weather permitting.

In other words, due to the nature of the work, it was undertaken during the day so as not to annoy residents at night.

Someone Forgot to Open the Gates

On Tuesday 10th April a Lane Cove Council ranger forgot to open the gates to Epping Road from Barwon/Moore Street.  Motorists were not impressed.

AKIRA Lane Cove has reopened


Akira LaneCove has finished their kitchen renovations and their new trading hours are:

Opening Hours
Mon-Thu : 5pm – 9.30pm
Fri-Sun : 11am – 9.30pm (Break 3pm-5pm)

Name the Caterpillar

An ITC follower advised that they had seen an influx of hairy caterpillars.  They thought they were bag shelter moths. The caterpillars were in their backyard and house.  Several ITC followers thought they were White Cedar Moths.  ITC contacted Professor Myron Zalucki from the University of Queensland who advised they were white cedar moth larva. Unlike the bag shelter moth, they are not harmful to humans or animals. However, if they get inside a house they will build sticky webs under furniture and when they die, they will have a horrible smell.

Goodbye Holgates

After over 50 years in Lane Cove, Holgate Real Estate has been purchased by Belle Property Lane Cove and new signage was installed.

School Holidays Have Commenced

The April School Holidays started on Friday.  If you are going away please drive carefully.  If you want the kids to be active these holidays, check out our school holiday activity guide.

Upcoming Event

Build Your Child’s Mental Strength – a skill for life. Learn about self-care, mindset, gratitude, meditation, communication skills and overcoming challenges. This program is being offered to those students in Year 5 or Year 6 and that live in Lane Cove.

6 lessons in total⠀
5pm-6pm ⠀
$200 per student (which includes a journal, a ‘Greatitude’ jar & time capsule).   Click below to book.

Build Your Child’s Inner Strength – 6 Week Course

Do you have a local issue you would like help with? ITC is here to help just email us at [email protected]

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