Better Home Removals: How They Make Multiple Moves Painless

    For many years Better Home Removals trucks were located at the Lane Cove Business park near Storage King Lane Cove.  This part of Lane Cove Business park is being redeveloped so they had to move out of Lane Cove. However, they have a strong connection with Lane Cove as they have helped many Lane Cove residents move in or (shock horror) leave Lane Cove.

    There have been numerous posts on ITC Lane Cove Chat asking for recommendations about removalists and we are so pleased to let you know Better Home Removals has come on board as an ITC sponsor and in our local business directory.

    They told us they are the multiple moves experts and we asked them to tell us all about what makes a smooth multiple moves.  Take it away….

    What is a Multiple Move?

    Better Home Removals use our expertise to help clients with multiple moves more often than you might think. Not everyone enjoys the luxury of a straightforward pickup at home ‘A’, then drop-off at home ‘B’. If only life were that simple! It’s not, and that’s where experts in the logistics of multiple moves will save you time and money.

    Multiple moves are required for many reasons, including:

    • Wedding or two families becoming one – pickup from his, pickup from hers, drop-off at theirs;
    • Selling before buying, and renting temporarily – pickup from home, drop-off some goods in rental property and the remainder in storage; or
    • New home ready – pickup from old place (home or rental) and from storage, drop-off in new home.

    The combinations of multiple pickups and drop-offs, and the reasons for them, are endless. All moves can occur on the same day, or be spread over a period of months, depending on circumstances. What they all have in common is a logistical expert determining optimum numbers of trucks and staff for the most cost-effective move in each individual case.

    Multiple Move Scenario Example

    One of our valued clients perfectly illustrates the multiple move scenario. They sold their home and bought another off-the-plan and while waiting on their new place to be completed, moved into their investment property. Being an apartment, it was considerably smaller than their house and couldn’t fit all their furniture. Subsequently, they sold their investment property and are living with relatives until their new place is ready.

    So, their multiple moves unfolded as:

    Phase 1 – pickup from home, partial drop-off at the apartment and partial in storage
    Phase 2 – declutter of apartment for sale, pick up from apartment and drop-off in storage
    Phase 3 – apartment sold, pick up from apartment and drop-off in storage
    Phase 4 – new home ready, pickup from storage, drop-off at new home

    An extreme example, maybe? But a clear demonstration of the varying needs we encounter regularly. In this case, we were able to use our experience in loading the truck to facilitate quick drop-offs at various locations. We organised discounted storage rates. We then rationalised storage on the 2nd and 3rd drop-off to ensure our client continued to pay for the minimum amount of space necessary.

    All of which minimises duplication of effort, bringing significant savings for our client. Added to the skill and care with which we handle all goods entrusted to us for moving and you’ll understand why we enjoy repeat business from this client and others like them.

    Better Home Removals are skilled and experienced in planning and executing multiple moves.

    Contact us and see how we can save you money with your multiple homes or business move.

    Better Home Removals Contact Details

    Better Home Removals
    Phone: 02 9975 7784 or 0411 875 198
    Email: [email protected]
    Facebook Page: Better.Home.Removals
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