Lane Cove Local Nicolas Perez is Fired Up

In the Cove loves to feature colourful local identities, and this time we have found a Lane Cove Local who loves to cook with fire.

Meet Nicolas Perez, who is an expert in wood-fired cooking.  He publishes a website called Wood Fire Stove.

The website is all about cooking with fire and sharing his experiences, recipes, ideas and techniques with his readers to replicate at home.

Nicolas says cooking with fire gives food an extraordinary flavour, creates powerful memories and brings people together.

Nicolas moved to Lane Cove in 2018 and loves the village atmosphere.

We asked Nicolas to tell us more.

Why the fascination with Cooking With Fire?

I have been fascinated by fire since I was a little kid in Colombia.   Fire plays a very important place in local Colombian gastronomy. I have lots of memories of my father cooking over fire. I grew up eating BBQs or “asados” as we name them in South America.

Six years ago, I quit my ten-year career as an architect and submerged myself in restaurants to learn from qualified chefs the art of cooking.

I’ve always been a food nerd who loves to experiment with new things.

The alchemy of fire draws people together, creates amazing memories and unreal delicious foods.   I love cutting the wood with an axe; I love firing up the wood and watching the flames. This connects me with my spirit and brings me to life.

How Do You Share your Love of Wood Fire Cooking?

I create content for brands and also do catering on the side and cooking classes for people who want to learn how to cook over the fire.  People can also subscribe to my blog and search for recipes.

There are heaps of recipes from Caveman Style Steak to Caramelized Peaches and Figs with Tequila and Cointreau.

Caveman Style Steak


What is your favourite Wood Fired Recipe?

It’s hard to pick my best wood-fired recipe because they are all very different. I like to play around with different cuisines of the world and cooking techniques. I love them all.

Essentially, when cooking, I like to use:

Fire Pit.

BBQs from different models and sizes.


Wood Fire ovens.

Kitchen ovens.




Lump wood

What Are Your Top Tips for Cooking Over Fire?

My top tip for cooking over fire is JUST DO IT. We tend to get overwhelmed and overthink when it comes to fire, and it’s natural, but the more you do it, the better you get at it. It’s like everything. Try starting with potatoes and a steak. Learn from your mistakes and move on to more complex recipes and dishes. It’s VERY rewarding.

My website features heaps of tips like how to season a cast-iron skillet.

What is your Favourite Thing to Do in Lane Cove?

My favourite thing to do in Lane Cove is paddle my kayak from Burns Bay to our magnificent harbour.

Wood Fire Stove Contact Details

Instagram: @woodfiredstove/


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