LV Meat Masters

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LV Meat Masters
Address: Shop 7 24-28 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone: 9420 2739
Instagram: lvmeatmasters

Grass fed, Free range, Sustainably sourced

About Us

The cornerstone of our business has been our relationship with our customers. We understand that you have options when it comes to Butcher Shop businesses, so we do everything possible to keep your business. Our dedicated team is willing to work after hours, detect the products you need as well as help you get through trying times by serving you with the best tasting products around. We promise to provide you with the best products for the best price, and promise to do everything we can to remain your supplier of choice.


Wagyu beef is finding its way into the repertoires of gourmet cooks and fine restaurants across Australia and the world.

What makes it so distinctive over other beef breeds is its eating quality and taste. Described as buttery, silky, tender and juicy, the unique properties of Wagyu beef are unsurpassed creating demand as a luxury product.

Abundant fine marbling, which is the unique fat characteristic of Wagyu, is distributed evenly throughout the muscle. Comprised mostly of monounsaturated fats, it has a low melting point and when cooked, distributes evenly through the meat for that unique sweet and extra juicy flavour.


Find What You Need

At LV MEAT MASTERS, it’s our mission to bring you the largest selection and the best quality products on the market. Along with a vast wealth of knowledge in the products we sell, LV MEAT MASTERS carries everything you could possibly imagine and more. We’re here for our customers, and want each one of them to have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience at our amazing Butcher Shop.

  • LV Meat Masters
  • LV Meat Masters


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