Winter Warmth – Lodge Tapas Lane Cove

The Lodge Tapas is the ideal place to sit and relax and meet friends in the colder months.  You don’t have to worry about the weather.  If it’s a beautiful sunny winter’s day you can sit outside and watch the people go by and let the kids play on the village green (the artificial grass in the middle of the plaza, but village green sounds grander).  If it’s a cold, wet windy day you can sit inside and enjoy a nice meal.  The Lodge’s fit out reminds ITC of a warm Scandinavian lodge.

The Lodge has undergone a transformation in the last two years since Matt and Marketa took over the restaurant.  Matt has worked in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Pocket Rocket, Marketa, is from the Czech Republic.  Marketa is a chef and studied at hotel school.  She has also helped run her family’s restaurants.

Matt and Marketa are keen to ensure that the Lodge is a family friendly restaurant.  The first thing they did when they purchased the restaurant was to buy high chairs and make it easier for people to move around with prams etc.  Matt and Marketa have a young family themselves and they know how important it is to go out to dinner once and while and relax.   After 5pm  Monday to Saturday, kids eat free from a specially designed menu, when an adult orders from the main menu.

Lodge_Meet the team (3)

But wait, there’s more….Marketa has been working hard on the Lodge’s Healthy Treats Range. The Lodge is now stocking a range of healthy raw treats that are gluten, dairy, and egg free, with no added sugar.  ITC has a confession to make.  A week or so ago, the healthy treat caramel slice samples  were near the takeaway coffee section, ITC helped herself to a sample and it was so good I had to have another one ( I know bad form, but gee it was tasty).  Marketa makes some of the healthy treats with high quality ingredients like coconut oil and avocado and she also sources high quality treats from other suppliers.

If you love muffins, you will love the Lodge Tapas muffins.  They are baked daily on the premises.  Basically the muffins are so big, they nearly qualify for their own postcode. It’s nearly impossible to eat the whole muffin in one sitting!!!


If you want a taste of Mexico, try out their new Mexican Fiesta every Monday to Wednesday from 5pm.  Mexican Food was recently named one of the top four food trends of 2015 (check out the article here)

Mexican poster

Matt and Marketa are very generous to local schools and has supplied ITC with numerous Lodge Tapas vouchers to give out for ITC Flash comps.

ITC is not a coffee snob, but The Lodge serves Campos coffee and some people will only drink Campos – so if you are looking for Campos you found it.  In fact Mr ITC hardly drinks coffee, but the other day I found a Campos coffee cup in his car and asked him if he enjoyed the Lodge – he was amazed that I knew where he had been  (that is one way to make sure your husband knows you are keeping your eyes on him)!!!!

campos coffee

To celebrate the family feeling vibe, the Lodge Tapas would like to give away a family meal to the value of $100.00 (excluding drinks).  If you are the lucky winner you will have your very own Masterchef moment.  Yes you (and the kids), will do a review to camera for the Lodge Tapas Facebook page.  This could be the start of a Food Critic career for one family.  To win all you have to do is like the Lodge Tapas Facebook page and then enter the comp by letting us know in the comments below (in 25 words or less) what you would like to see on the menu at Lodge, and why.  Be creative – as this could be the start of your food review career (we may even supply a cravat).  Comp closes on 21 July 2015.   Leave your answer in the comment section below and make sure you like their Facebook page to find out who the winner is.


Contact Details

Address:  Shop 1, 24 Burns Bay Rd Lane Cove, New South Wales, Australia
Trading Hours:  Mon – Sat 07.30am  to 10.00 pm and Sun 07.30 to 4.00 pm
Phone: (02) 9420 1629
Instagram:   @Lodgetapas

This is a sponsored blog (to keep Mr ITC happy). ITC prides itself on only recommending services they would use or supporting start-up business and community events (which are always free to list on ITC). Thank you for supporting ITC.


  1. Am afraid Lodge is NOT a family restaurant. On Monday afternoon 20 April, pupil free day at start of new school term when rain was bucketing down, my husband and I had with us granddaughters aged 8 and 10 who were eating those rather fancy new coloured icecreams we had purchased at one of the local ice cream stores. I entered Lodge and asked if we could bring into Lodge the girls and their icecreams while he and I had a coffee each, answer from girl staff was in the negative – she informed us this situation was not permitted by the proprietor.

    Given the fact that I had requested permission and, for all the waitress knew, when seated we may have ordered more than just two coffees, this was poor treatment of two senior citizens on a rainy afternoon when Lodge was pretty well starved of patrons. Not only were my husband and I, both aged 75, deprived of a hot drink on a wet afternoon, but Lodge may have lost more than the cost of two coffees.

    Rosalie Lucas, Lane Cove resident for 50 years.

    • Hi Rosalie
      Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and raising an issue that many people raise. I know that several businesses in Lane Cove have the policy not to allow food from another restaurant to be eaten in their premises. In fact I know that one restaurant (not the Lodge) in particular has been heavily criticised about this in the past. I have always been interested as to why you would not permit someone to bring in food from another restaurant if the other people are ordering. I understand that is the precedent effect and if you let one person do this, then everybody thinks it is okay and the person might just be coming in for say coffee and that means a table (when rents are so high) is taken up. I know that on the day you are talking about there may not have been many tables occupied, but the staff have to be consistent.

      Just out of interest, I know that both gelato shops serve coffee and have indoor seating and are really wanting to get the word out there that they are also coffee places – so just wondering why you did not use those facilities? ITC has been approached by both Gelato shops to let people know that they have seating and they both serve food other than gelato. Di Meno in particular serves lovely crepes and beautiful cakes and Gellatismo serves really lovely muffins etc.

      • There are two answers to question last para above: it was only when en route to the elevator (with ice creams!) and we passed Lodge that my husband said “It’s so bleak, would you like a cup of coffee?” Also, please remember our age and that it was raining!

        We had purchased the ice creams at the shop situated at the end of the arcade and, thinking back, I don’t recall there being a coffee facility at that place in April? shall check when shopping today.

        No big deal but it surprised me that our intended patronage of Lodge was knocked back so peremptorily despite my considerate enquiry (the girls are finishing their ice creams but can we come in and have a cup of coffee…!!)


    • Sorry you were disappointed, but i think I t was a tad cheeky of you.
      They do sell ice-cream and other yummy treats, and that’s how they make money.
      If they let everyone in with their kids clutching food from elsewhere they would not be able to stay in the cove. That would be sad.

  2. Hi ITC, I’m having trouble commenting in the blog but I’d love to see the Mexican flavours on the breakfast menu. Something like huevos rancheros, or a Mexican brekkie wrap with bacon, egg, guacamole or salsa. Also add some of those items as breakfast sides like guacomole, fresh salsa, chipotle grilled corn, Mexican rice…

  3. Ahhh… Customer service in Lane Cove!
    I feel for Rosalie and everyone else on a wet day where outside free seating isn’t available under cover, leaving the only option to use one of the many lovely cafés/restaurants only to remember that all of your party must like the food at that place. Not every place in Lane Cove has food and drinks to the liking of all people, so for customer service to be able to ‘work on the fly’ and say yes when faced with Rosalie’s situation would be a bonus. Alas, many a time a single parent has to feel guilty taking their only child into an establishment with a finger-bun from Bakers Delight because I want something more than a bun from somewhere else but the bun is not allowed. Customer service Fail.

  4. My family and I have always loved dining here – I asked for a meal to be altered and was offered some great alternatives/swaps without drama. The raw treats are simply delish too. I’d love for some more salad based meals to be offered – a rainbow salad being the star of the show.

  5. I can honestly say I have never eaten in the Lodge…should give it ago but the old Firefly still puts me off. I have children and so was unsure if they had adapted for this. Good posts.