Is your Home like an Oven? Get Rid of the Trapped Heat

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Lane Cove has a potpourri of housing styles.  There is everything from weatherboard cottages, federation style, Californian bungalows, mid-century modern, modern and utlra utlra modern and minimalistic.   ITC lives in a Californian Bungalow and we love it.  However, the older style homes do come with some issues.  If you walk into our home during the day it is lovely and cool, but at night when you try to sleep it gets hotter and hotter as the bricks release the heat.   I don’t know about you, but it is very hard to get a good night’s sleep when you’re hot (and we are not talking Miranda Kerr Hot).

So how do you keep your house cooler during a hot Sydney summer (and it is only going to get hotter!!)? The answer is insulation and ventilation. Many of us have insulation, but the insulation does not get rid of trapped heat.  In fact, some people say their home is actually warmer after they installed insulation.

Heat infiltrates your home in many ways.  If you have north facing windows and doors, your house will heat up. Hot air rises and it becomes trapped in your roof space.  When the roof becomes hot it acts like an oven element and heats your ceilings.  The heat is then transferred into your living space from the roof void.  The way to remove this trapped heat in roofs and attics is proper home ventilation (roof and attic ventilation fans).

Recently we spent time with Martin Haley from Xchange Air.  Xchange Air is located in Lane Cove West Business Park,  Xchange Air are eXperts in home ventilation, sub floor damp, mould + condensation control . They specialise in providing a total solution for poorly ventilated houses.   Martin has recently returned from Europe where he sources some of his home ventilation fans and products.  He has been working in the home ventilation business for over 20 years.



We asked Xchange Air to provide us with some options for removing trapped heat in roofs and attics.

Here are Xchange Air’s tips

  • Install heat exhaust fans switched on to run via thermostats to expel the trapped heat out of the living space into the roof and then into the atmosphere (this also helps to cool the roof void down quicker). Make sure the correctly sized attic and roof ventilation fans are installed – size does matter);
  • Install insulated curtains or heat reflective blinds on the north facing glass window and doors;
  • Install awnings over north facing glass windows and doors to shade them from the heat;
  • Install heat reflective film to north facing glass windows and doors;
  • Install insulation such as bats or foil products into the roof void; and
  • Install an Xchange Air night cooling fan ventilation to bring in air from the outside overnight to flush out the trapped heat in your home.

Xchange Air provides mechanical home ventilation solutions to remove trapped heat from your attic and roof space or a ducted system to remove trapped heat in rooms through ceiling vents.  The fans are thermostatically controlled so they turn on once the roof or room temperature reaches a certain point.  The fans then turn back off once the room is back to the desirable set temperate.  This makes your air conditioning unit more effective, also reducing your overall energy usage.  It  is a holistic approach to home ventilation issues and Xchange Air can provide several solutions (such as roof and room ventilators or a summer ventilation kit).   They can talk to you about Positive Input Ventilation – this is a whole home ventilation systems which puts fresh, filtered air into a home at a continuous rate, encouraging the movement of air from inside to outside.


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So if trapped heat is an issue for you, why not book a free home inspection with Xchange Air?   DIY home ventilation products are also available on their website.

It’s not just summer time, when you need a home ventilation system, Xchange Air are also the experts in home ventilation systems that make winter living more comfortable.   Don’t suffer through winter with a damp, mouldy home.  Talk to Xchange Air about their numerous home ventilation solutions including sub floor ventilation options.

Xchange Air have a special offer on at the moment for In the Cove followers. They are offering In the Cove Fans a FREE home ventilation assessment plus a $150 Zjoosh Gift Voucher if you install a home ventilation system before 23 December 2016.  Full info HERE.

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xchange air
Address: Unit 18, 79-85 Mars Road, Lane Cove West NSW 2066
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (02) 9427 8800
Facebook: Xchange Air

Xchange Air was a finalist in the 2016 Local Business Awards.

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