Greenwood Early Education Centre Lane Cove Learning Curriculum

Deciding on childcare options is a difficult decision. Lane Cove now has a larger range of options to choose from, including the brand new Greenwood Early Education Centre located in the Arise Complex on Epping Road Lane Cove West.   We asked Greenwood to provide some details on their education programmes:


What is the Greenwood’s Education Philosophy?

Greenwood Early Education Centres are a leading education provider and we know the importance of shaping the next generation, helping create worldly educated and kind personalities. We also stress to our children the importance of giving back to and being a part of their own communities.

Greenwood has put together a specially crafted curriculum called G-Learning Curriculum. As  part of this programme children participate in French, Yoga, Music and Movement, Cooking Masterclasses, Sport and Urban Farming Programs regularly.  The Greenwood Early Education Centre Lane Cove recently hosted a mindful meditation course with Lane Cove Local and mindful parenting advocate, Lynette Bolton.  Lynette  has created a website called Love LCB which is an online community for the modern conscious parent. It contains blog pieces, interviews, recipes, free adult and kid meditations, monthly card readings and lots of fabulous other stuff!  This is just one example of our varied G-Learning Curriculum.

Does Greenwood have a Pre- Kinder Programme?

Greenwood’s Pre-Kinder Program, endorsed by the NSW Department of Education, provides the perfect foundation for a child to make the leap into kindergarten and have a further successful education journey!

From the moment a child walks through Greenwood Lane Cove’s doors, Pre-Kinder readiness has already begun. Greenwood’s G-Learning Curriculum and Pre-Kinder program hone in on the five critical areas of child development: Physical, Social, Emotional, Cognitive and Language.

Greenwood’s Pre Kinder program helps to provide an environment for children to safely and confidently develop their skills, capabilities, interests, and talents. This period is about helping children to learn and make meaningful friendships, be creative and collaborative problem solvers, understand and talk about their feelings, as well as building the foundation blocks of literacy, numeracy and science.

Whilst some programs branded as Pre Kinder prep are facilitated by primary-trained teachers, the early childhood qualifications of Greenwood’s Educators specialises them in the extremely nuanced development, pedagogy, curriculum, environments and relationships a child is influenced by every day in their early education. Greenwood Lane Cove’s team of dedicated, driven and loving educators use special teaching practices and strategies that are always appropriate for the age of the child. This helps to engage the child on a whole new level; making education grow with them rather than above them.


Greenwood’s Pre-Kinder program embraces a fully rounded approach, which allows a child to enhance their sense of identity, ability to look after themselves, playing and creating with fellow children, being adventurous, accepting change, showing care and respect for others and the environment and most importantly celebrating their own achievements. This is done through Greenwood’s proven play based learning activities, fun and thought provoking learning environments, and plenty of encouragement.

Beginning Primary School is a thrilling milestone for your child, and with Greenwood’s G-Learning Curriculum and a focus on play-based and interest-driven activities, your little one will have the foundation necessary for continued growth and development. Learning is a lifelong journey and Greenwood will place your child in great stead to be a confident, curious and resilient individual.

Is it possible to tour the Greenwood Early Education Centre Lane Cove?

Of course!!  To learn more about the Greenwood Pre-Kinder Program please call 1300 947 336 to book a tour – you will be introduced to our experienced Preschool Room Leaders and have the opportunity to discuss your child’s individual needs.


How do we Enrol?

To enroll now click through to our enrollment form to secure your child’s place – Enrol Now!

Contact Details

Greenwood Lane Cove

Address: 150 Epping Road, Lane Cove West, NSW 2066

Meriton Arise Complex

Hours: 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 9042 0460

Centre Leader: Ruthie Kennedy

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