Top Tips on Recycling In Lane Cove


Do you know about the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group? This is a group of local citizens who are very committed to recycling and reducing our carbon footprint. They have introduced some really good recycling initiatives into Lane Cove. Lane Cove Council also promotes recycling and sustainability via their very popular Sustainability Lane as part of the Lane Cove Village Fair.

Here are just a few tips to help you recycle in Lane Cove.

Light Bulbs, Tubes and Batteries

You can recycle light bulbs and batteries in Coles Lane Cove.


Soft Plastics Recycling

Play your part in helping to create a sustainable future, by using the REDcycle bins at Lane Cove Woolworths and Coles.

Keep your empty bread bags, biscuit packets, frozen food bags, rice and pasta bags, confectionery packets, plastic shopping bags and old reusable bags out of landfill by bringing them in to selected Coles and Woolworths supermarkets instead.

Drop them into your nearest REDcycle collection bin and the RED Group will do the rest.

Your empty packaging will be recycled into useful new products such as sturdy outdoor furniture and signage.


Pure Flowers – Nespresso Coffee Pods

Do you have a Nespresso Machine? If you do you can now recycle the pods at Pure Flowers.  They have launched a Lane Cove recycling program for Nespresso capsules. Pure Flowers is participating in a nationwide environmental program to help recycle coffee capsules. Nespresso has joined with recycling and upcycling experts TerraCycle Australia to expand their recycling program at additional collection points around the country at florists, garden centres and nurseries. Lane Cove residents can now recycle their used Nespresso capsules at no cost by visiting Pure Flowers and dropping their capsules (sealed in any plastic bag which will also be recycled) into the in-store recycling collection box.

“Pure Flowers has been delivering flowers in the Lane Cove area for 20 years. This program is an exciting and new initiative for our florist that’s good for the planet and makes recycling capsules accessible for locals. We’re happy to chat to customers that drop in and why not grab some fresh flowers on your way!” said Ludmila Fedorovitch, co-owner Pure Flowers. The capsules will then be recycled at Nespresso’s recycling plant. Only Nespresso capsules made for in-home consumption are accepted as part of this program.


 Triple A Drycleaners – Recycle Coat Hangers


If you are like Joan Crawford and you do not want wire coat hangers in your life, Triple A Drycleaners will recycle them for you. They are located on Longueville Road (near Cafe Zivelli)

Eyes on Lane Cove – Recycle Glasses


Have you recently had your eyes tested and have moved on to new glasses and frames, you can drop your old glasses into Eyes on Lane Cove and they will arrange to recycle them.  Eyes on Lane Cove are located on Longueville Road (near Zest Cafe).

Renegade Cycles – Recycle Bikes

Do you have old bikes clogging up your garage or backyard?  Take them to Renegade Cycles, they are a collection point for Recycle Cycles . Each week a volunteer from Recycle Cycles picks up the bikes and repairs them.   They are located on Burns Bay Road near IGA Express (aka Agora).


Australia Post – Recycle Printer Cartridges

Printer Cartridges, for recycling, can be dropped into Australia Post Lane Cove.

Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group – Recycle Reusable Bags


Reusable bins are located in Lane Cove Shopping areas to assist our community’s reliance on plastic bags.  Plastic bags are mostly used when shopping and the bins have been placed in strategic areas to assist our community when:

  • You have forgotten to bring our reusable bags to the shops;
  • Need extra bags because you bought more than anticipated; or
  • Left the reusable bags in the car (OMG how often have you done that)??

Locations for the BagShare Bins are as Follows:

– The Atrium under Coles
– Outside Coles
– At the entrance to Market Square from the car park.
– At IGA Express (aka Agora)
– At Greenwich shops

Lane Cove Council

You should also check out the Lane Cove Council’s webpage as they have a page on where you can recycle fridges, mattresses, battery and light bulbs.

We’ve also just discovered that you can recycle Oral Hygiene products!

“Your toothbrush is finished? Don’t toss it. LC Council is providing bins in the Council Chambers to collect & recycle oral hygiene items eg toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers.”

Save the Date: Free E-Waste Collection

An e-waste collection for Lane Cove and Hunters Hill residents will be held on Saturday 22 April 2017. The collection day will be located at St Ignatius’ College, Regis Campus, 29 Riverview Street, Riverview from 8:00am until 4:30pm.  Now is a good time to do a spring clean and get all your E-waste together ready for the drop off.

More details HERE.

The free collection is for Lane Cove and Hunters Hill residents only. Please ensure to bring your rate notice or driver’s licence. If you would like to be notified by email about the next e-waste collection, you should subscribe to the Council’s Sustainability E-Newsletter


Community Recycling Centre

A Community Recycling Centre (CRC) has now opened in Artarmon, at 8 Waltham Street. The CRC is open Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 8am-2pm and weekends from 8am-4pm.

The CRC is a drop-off centres for common ‘household problem wastes’ that can’t be collected via council kerbside waste and recycling collection services. The centre accepts:

  • Water-based and oil-based paints
  • Motor oils and other oils
  • car batteries and household batteries
  • gas bottles and fire extinguishers
  • fluorescent globes and tubes
  • smoke detectors
  • televisions and computers

Blog first published in Oct 2015, updated Feb 2017

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