The Business of the Lane Cove River

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Local Historian Brian Scott has researched the Lane Cove River for his book The Business of the Lane Cove River from 1788. The Book will be launched on Monday 13th February at the Lane Cove Library. ITC caught up with Brian to discuss why he was so fascinated with the Lane Cove River.

Brian is a Lane Cove man through and through. He grew up on Centennial Avenue. As a young kid he spent countless hours discovering the local riverways. The river was in his blood.  Brian’s great great grandfather was a Naval Architect for the Sydney Ferries.


Brian grew up to become a very successful accountant with his own business in Lane Cove. Before he had his own business he was involved in auditing several businesses that are closed related to the Lane Cove River (CSR Chemicals, Mangrovite and Ingredion).

For six years Brian worked on his book. While he worked on his book he still worked in his accountancy practice, was involved with the Lane Cove Historical Society and played Cricket for the Lane Cove Cricket Club. Brian has been involved with the Lane Cove Cricket Club for 46 years. Brian has also represented Australia in the Men’s over 60’s Cricket Team.

The Lane Cove River may look quiet and peaceful. However, it holds many untold stories of business and development from the establishment of the Colony in 1788 to the present day. Convicts and Governors, free men, servants, bankrupts, billionaires, success and failure all make up a captivating and significant local history. At one stage the only way to access Lane Cove was via the river.

Brian loves living in Lane Cove. He describes it as an undiscovered gem. It’s close to the city and has beautiful tree lined streets and good schools. Brian has 4 Children and all of them (except one) is a chartered accountant. You can find Brian’s practice in the Village Shopping Centre.

The Book will be launched on Monday 13th February at 6.15pm at the Lane Cove Library. Copies of the book will be available for purchase on the night.

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