Lane Cove Buses – Minister for Transport Responds

The North Shore Times ran an article last week called Lane Cove – Late Cove.  They spoke to frustrated commuters about the lengthy delays at the Lane Cove Bus Interchange.  This article was written in response to the numerous photos posted on In the Cove by angry commuters.


Yesterday, In the Cove’s facebook page was inundated with stories of long delays at the Lane Cove Bus Interchange.  In the Cove contacted the Minister for Transport’s office and asked for an update on their “ongoing review” of the Lane Cove public transport issues.  This is the response we received today:

The Minister is aware of the issues you raise in your email. Transport for NSW is monitoring customer feedback and patronage in the Lane Cove area to ensure our bus services are keeping up with demand. February and March are typically the busiest months on the bus network, coinciding with the return of customers to work, school and uni. State Transit have arranged for an on-site assessment at LCI for today and tomorrow, which will provide a current snapshot of loading profiles and any delays. This data will help inform any improvements that need to be made to services in the Lane Cove area. 

We currently have limited capacity to put more buses into the city via the Harbour Bridge during the peak of the AM peak. As we discussed in our meeting last year, we are introducing a new route 530 between Burwood and Chatswood via Lane Cove later this year, adding to the 59 buses that leave Lane Cove Interchange in the weekday peak. The introduction of this route allows us to improve the spacing of services from the Burns Bay Rd corridor to the interchange, making transfers easier. The introduction of the $2 Opal transfer discount also provides a further incentive to transfer between bus and train at North Sydney and St Leonards.

Rest assured, Transport for NSW recognises the sustained residential growth in the Lane Cove area and we’ll continue to keep a close eye on services to ensure we keep up with demand.

True to their word, men in high-viz vests were spotted at the Lane Cove interchange today.  If you see them tomorrow, it may be your opportunity to voice your concerns.   It is good to see that Transport for NSW is conducting an on-site assessment.  Too much weight is given to OPAL card data.  OPAL card data tells you how many people are on a bus at a given time, but does NOT tell you how long those people waited for a bus.

Although public transport is a state government issue, we need more action on the part of the Lane Cove Council.  The Mayor and the Councillors should be putting public transport as one of their priorities.  This is particularly so when assessing new developments.  The information provided to Council by Traffic Experts in Traffic Reports is woefully inadequate.  Recently ITC heard a traffic expert stating a development in Lane Cove was well serviced by public transport as bus stops were conveniently located near the development.  No analytical data was provided showing an acceptable public transport service level.  We have all seen the new developments going up (and more planned) on Burns Bay Road.  You can email the Mayor here.


Transport for NSW wants you to use multi-modal transport.  They would like Lane Cove residents to transfer between bus and train at North Sydney and St Leonards.  What is your view on this approach?

If you would like to let the Government know about your public transport issues, fill out this form here.

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