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The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group is very passionate about cleaning up Lane Cove and reducing the amount of landfill

On Clean Up Australia Day a record 94 volunteers cleaned up the Mowbray Precinct. The event, hosted by The Stringybark Creek Residents Association and supported by the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group, brought young and old together to join forces in a massive clean up as part of Clean Up Australia.

Clean Up Australia Day Event Mowbray Precinct Lane Cove

Whilst the area may have looked “quite clean” to the passerby, residents filled 49 bags with litter from the bush and along the creek, a total weight of approximately 410 kg. The collection included 775 bottles and cans, 15 kg broken glass, a host of building materials, car parts, hundreds of plastic bags, snack wrappers etc.

Clean Up Australia Day Event Mowbray Precinct Lane Cove

Although there was a great community spirit present, the question does arise: Why do we need to clean up after others? The vast majority of litter items collected was in someone’s hand at some point. What can we do to change human behaviour in order to have a different outcome?

The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group support a multi-tiered approach to reducing litter, which includes fines, the long awaited 10c deposit scheme on bottles and cans, a ban on single use plastic bags and not least of all education. Australians care about their environment and will continue to clean up but the LSAG does not want to see councils and governments take steps to turn off the litter producing tap at the other end for the sake of those who inherit the planet we leave behind.

Clean Up Australia Day Event Mowbray Precinct Lane Cove

Yes we do have a (coffee) drinking problem. Over 140 Coffee Cup lids collected in the area surrounding Stringybark Creek Lane Cove during Sunday’s Clean Up Australia event. Australians “dispose” over 3 billion coffee cups annually, the vast majority of which are NOT RECYCLABLE as they have a plastic inner liner. The Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group regularly display their Giant Coffee Cup in The Lane Cove Plaza. They sell Keep Cups at seriously discounted prices. There are now 15 cafes in Lane Cove where you will receive a discount if you buy your take away coffee in your own Keep Cup. 


If you are interested in joining the Lane Cove Sustainability Action Group contact Sjirk Bangma on 0418 613 740

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